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British guy refused work because of Polish workers

Lyzko 45 | 9,480
8 Feb 2016 #31
Sorry, Dolnośląsk. Do you mean "ever" or "never" was refused?
espana 17 | 949
9 Feb 2016 #32
I don't think this thread is true , and if it is true the English guy must be an idiot , because a polish person is quite inferior.

I think polish people need not to speak in polish when an English person is in the same room , it is quite rude.
Lyzko 45 | 9,480
9 Feb 2016 #33
Unless of course the Polish people in question don't know English and therefore don't wish to embarrass themselves by speaking in a language not their own, thus making any number of gaffs:-)
12 Mar 2016 #34
What & your surprised? it used to be 15 quid an hour, Now its 8 quid! yea great job polish immigrants! not good when you have a mortgage know what i mean
Wulkan - | 3,186
12 Mar 2016 #35
not good when you have a mortgage know what i mean

Why don't you pay the mortgage like I did? ah! not good at making money are ya?
12 Mar 2016 #36
English aren't idiots mate! & i am Scottish, Its the greedy masters that would rather pay polish people half the rate than pay a local full whack, Its not cos they like you poles or anything! its cos poles are cheap & easy! sorry but its the truth!! again not good for us when you have a mortgage, How would you feel? but don't worry the truck full of **** will stop at your door soon also! but you cant see it as your all in other peoples countrys (that you claim to hate) hunting for a fast buck basically! treasure hunters if you like! sorry if i am not pc.

No were not! not any more since hordes of cheap labour have been allowed to invade our country! & that what you are invaders, Ps i have a 150k house, I get 3 holidays each year & i have more money than i can spend, Can you say that?????
Marsupial - | 877
12 Mar 2016 #37
No kingdoc you are a povo low iq no doubt. 150 k house you povo avarage house here is 950k. No way you would get a job here. Stop blaming others and get cracking on improving your own lot.
12 Mar 2016 #38
150k house I think the op maybe Scottish in which case that is a huge expenditure on his part, as a Scott he is actually being quite nice and friendly about the Polish, If he started talking about the English there would some real fireworks.
pawian 223 | 24,567
22 Feb 2020 #39
British guy refused work because of Polish workers

At last, after Brexit, Brits can feel free in their own country.

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