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My bad experiences with Polish neighbours in UK (not meant to offend)

6 Sep 2015 #91
You need to get a ASBO taken out against them. You can even get an application to help.
InPolska 9 | 1,816
6 Sep 2015 #92
@Ryouga: PF members in GB and from there will know better than I. I have thought that maybe you should contact a local radio station or newspaper. I'm sure someone can be interested in your situation. You just tell them all you tell us, + that it affects your health as you cannot sleep because of their non stop noise and you are scarred for your safely since they threaten you....

I'm terribly sorry for you because it sounds awful...
gregy741 5 | 1,232
6 Sep 2015 #93
sorry if they cause you trouble...but ii hope that's the case...tho from your posts i gather ,you have problems with poles in jump from your neighbor problem to things like "they take away our jobs",drink in parks...ect

something tells me you hate poles in general,and that's could be the reason for all this tensions with your neighbor. migh misjudge this tho.
OP ryouga 4 | 59
7 Sep 2015 #94
Not at all, I would say the same no matter where someone was from it just happens percentage wise the bad problems I have had have been larger with Polish neighbours just like I have yet to meet a bad Polish female but multiple bad Polish males.

Just like I have had arguments with Polish people I know before who claim all British people are lazy and all Polish are hard workers, just as I have known multiple Polish men to do fraud, drink and be abusive, speed in cars or whatever, And I know multiple British people who are bad people who like to drink or harass people too and I have met people from multiple countries like that, Polish are just the main modern immigrant here so not been here long enough to integrate as well as they could, there may be more Asains but they are 2nd or 3rd generation.

That doesnt mean that most Polish people are bad it means the ones that live in certain fields of life are bad, that just so happen to be the one who live in areas I have lived (and the ones applying for certain types of jobs therefore too) Just like you get bad people of every culture.

Also to mention is that its like lets say 99 out of 100 people I like, you wont hear about the 99 people I like only the 1 I dislike, so if you only ever hear the bad you assume just the bad.
gregy741 5 | 1,232
7 Sep 2015 #95
well...i know some poles have this drinking culture...and can wreck neighbors myself dont drink and hate that part of polish drinking culture.there is some type of poles,the ones with"kurwa,kurwa" all the time.i simply walk away from them as soon i i hear this

just inform local authority or police if things get too bad,and you cant reason with them...
Polonius3 994 | 12,367
9 Sep 2015 #96
drinking culture

Never forget the immortal words of the "great" Oscar Wilde: "Work is the curse of the drinking class!" (And he probably didn't even have Poles in mind.)
OP ryouga 4 | 59
24 Sep 2015 #97
Another update, noise is still only a few times a day and for short time but is getting louder so I am woken around 5am every morning (and as mentioned before what angers me even more is he doesnt even live in my building)

He is dumping more rubbish at bins such as electricals which can be dangerous, every time I see him standing outside his home he looks at me angrily, or if theres 2 of them there they talk and both stare at me, he has even spit a few times.

I am fed up with this, and the noise gets louder and louder, I feel maybe another neighbour who moved out 2 months ago who had a baby who was woken up by the noise every morning may have complained to the authorities and he may be blaming me for this.

I feel now like I want to approach him and hit him with a weapon he is angering me so much.
InPolska 9 | 1,816
24 Sep 2015 #98
@Ryouga: how come you let this situation going on and on and on? Several people including myself have given you advice as to what to do? Why aren't you doing anything? You seem intelligent so I don't understand. You don't live in the Amazone forest so there are authorities to turn to where you are. If as you said, these people are also doing illegal things, trust me, authorities shall react...
Ironside 53 | 12,410
24 Sep 2015 #99
I am autistic, but as I am poor

Another update, noise is still only a few times a day

If you are autistic and are living in a bad neighborhood, I'm not surprised that you have anger issues, nor I'm surprised that you have problem with your neighbors, you are not getting on, whatever or not he is doing something out of badness or out of spite for you reporting him numerous times I cannot know, that possible, but it is also possible that you are very sensitive as a person somewhat autistic to all even small things and transgressions done by other people, meaning you don't know how to let it go,on the whole I think it has less to do with your neighbor origins than with your oversensitiveness and the fact that in some crappy places there are some inconsiderate ruffians leaving next to oversensitive characters or control freaks and once feud starts it all can end up baldly.

My advice - move out!

I don't understand. You don't live in the Amazone forest so there are authorities to turn to where you are. If as you said, these people are also doing illegal things, trust me, authorities shall react...

He suspect them of doing illegal things because their are getting on his nerves, evidently those thing that are getting under his skin are not considered illegal.

Stand to reason than anyone involved in illegal activity at their own place wouldn't do anything to attract undue attention.
OP ryouga 4 | 59
25 Sep 2015 #100
@Ironside Actually no, when I get tax letters delivered here as mentioned earlier which state he isnt paying taxes, when I get letters for his friend from new employers and police were looking for him and checked my house as thought he still lived here, oh and a few days ago I saw a local advert for a stolen motorbike that matched one that he had outside his house for 4 days before vanishing for 2 weeks which was the same time one of his friends was assaulted and a letter from the Police arrived stating he owed thousands for unpaid criminal charges.

When I see them illegally dumping waste

I have only ever reported him ONCE which was 8 months ago for noise and dog waste, and even though I dislike him I try and smile and talk to him whenever I see him but he ignores me that is a sign of me being a good neighbour of making an effort to be nice to him, I dont want to be his enemy if he was polite to me and apologised and said he didnt realise there was a problem I would of told him I dont mind him bringing the dog over and I was just annoyed at being woken up, id rather be someones friends rather than an enemy.

And bear in mind I have no issues with other neighbours.

Do you think its acceptable that someone wakes an entire building up around 5am every morning? And yes this dog barks very loudly that when I have been out of the home about 2 minutes walk away I have heard it, I have had guests visit that get woken up and say its loud its only worse because he does not stay in the building

I am acually UNDERsensitive, I put up with a lot, I have lived with alcoholics before and had no issues with them and above the bar where they had loud music I didn't mind and actually enjoyed, I lived in student accomodation which i didn't mind even though they did not clean up.

I dislike this as its intimidating behaviour from a bully

@Inpolska Well I did report the tax matter but worried if I report the noise and waste part he will know its me and get violent as he seems the type especially when in the past I have seen around 40 or more vodka bottles in his bin for a single weekend
Ironside 53 | 12,410
25 Sep 2015 #101
Do you think its acceptable that someone wakes an entire building up around 5am every morning? And yes this dog barks very loudly that when I have been out of the home about 2 minutes walk away I have heard it, I have had guests visit that get woken up and say its loud its only worse because he does not stay in the building

No, I don't, nor do I think it is a good thing to live next to such a neighbor, report him if you see something illegal being done but my advice is still the same - move out!
OP ryouga 4 | 59
25 Sep 2015 #102
Well he does live in a seperate building that is part of the issue since he should not possess a key to my garden, and apart from those 2 or 3 (rarely 4) times a day where the dog is loud I have no issues with him personally except when he does come round he unlocks the door meaning schoolchildren enter and use it as their private area. But I do know he breaks the law

I keep the mindset if someone does not bother me then do what they want within reason, I have lived with people who for example smoked cannabis and they were polite clean flatmates and only smoked outdoors, I lived with alcoholics who were friendly and a little noise now and again is accetpable.

So if I move to a different home I may get a neighbour without a dog but then they could have loud music and multple noisy guests I dont want to risk it plus I like my home.
InPolska 9 | 1,816
25 Sep 2015 #103
@Ryouga: good morning! good if you have warned some authorities! At least they know... The problem too is that with all those budget cuts they do all the time, authorities have to do more and more and cope with less and less money so they just do the most urgent. Police who are also overworked do not react unless a murder. Budget cuts always hurt the poor and the weak. If I were you, I would contact local politicians (does not matter what party but choose someone who would react) and even local medias (I am sure there is a radio station or a newspaper that could be interested in your case). Do you know if they pay their rent? Probably they don't ;).

It is really crazy that some scum ruin neighborhood and so far nothing has been done against them all the more as they commit a lot of illegal things. These scum are Polish and the situation is in England but of course, they could have been anything else and it could have taken place anywhere.

If I were in your area, trust me I would react in your favor. I cannot stand injustice and refuse it. It makes me so mad when I read something like that.

I wish you luck and keep us posted! :)

@Iron: in order to move out, need to have money. Ryouga lives in council flat and receives disability pension (what I understand) so he cannot just leave. I am sure councils have very long waiting lists for their flats and of course he cannot afford to take a flat in the "private sector". Of course, it would be best to get the h..l out of that rathole place but Ryouga cannot. Honestly, should the scum neighbors not be kicked out and be forbidden to receive any council flat? The police are after them because they do illegal things and the scum are let to continue and to bother neighbors. It beats me but unfortunately it happens often..

PS: my goodness! Some 40 empty bottles of wodka for one weekend!!!! They deserve a gold medal.
25 Sep 2015 #104
No wonder the country is in such a state when the Police let people get away with crap like this.

Find out who the chief constable is for your area and write and complain, tell them of they don't act you will continue to complain further up chain of command.

Get your tenancy agreement out and read it, if it says anywhere that they are doing things that are nuisance or threatening then point it out to the council and say they are breaking their tenancy agreement and should be evicted, if they fail to act rather then write to a senior housing minister or to the PM and tell the council that is what you will do if they DO NOT ACT.
25 Sep 2015 #105
@ Ryouga,

Not sure why you are posting all these gripes if you are unprepared to do anything about them.
Seems to me you have 2 choices. Keep on complaining to council/environmental health, whilst recording ALL details and times of any relevant events, or move ( that would be my preferred choice ).

Your situation will stay the same unless you make some sort of decision to change things.
Yes, you could end up with worse neighbours if you move, but how much worse will it get if you stay?
From what I understand you are renting in the private sector, as in your first post you said the area was ex-council estate.
Also you mentioned that you are classified as a vulnerable person.
If that is the case, maybe a trip to the council to see if you they can house you somewhere else?
OP ryouga 4 | 59
10 Nov 2015 #107
I reported the noise and the fly tipping/rubbish to the authorities and since the then noise has gotten worse and its affecting other neighbours as they are being woken by the dog around 5am every morning, and he always slams the doors to wake everyone up.

And he is intentionally unlocking the door so local schoolkids and drunks walk in and harass the tenants, it was not even me that complained another neighbour said politely to lock the door when he comes round as drunks are coming round and waking people up, he either misunderstood due to language barrier and thought it was a attack on him or is just a nasty piece of work.

And the actual rubbish is getting worse, currently a bed next to bins, loads of smashed glass, a tv, a table etc all he dropped there for weeks.
InPolska 9 | 1,816
11 Nov 2015 #108
@Ryouga! Hi! It seems that it's gotten much worse but probably it's a "blessing in disguise" since now a lot of neighbors are affected. You know, when only 1 or 2 person(s) complain(s), they are often not taken seriously but now if there are several of you, as a group we'll be more efficient and taken more seriously. In the meantime, I'm sure that it's pure h...ll to live in such conditions. Obviously your Polish neighbors are pure garbage and should be not only taken away from the estate but also dealt with with police and other authorities since they don't follow rules and even laws. Such (foreign) scum leads to xenonophobia and racism in any place.

Good luck and keep fighting! :)
11 Nov 2015 #109
I'm disappointed I keep hearing about Poles forming their isolated worlds in other countries. It sounds like Poles don't integrate. So why does it bother Poles that Muslims don't integrate ?

You've said you live in an "inexpensive" neighborhood. There's certainly a link between poverty and crime (the word "villain" comes from "villa", which used to mean a cheap house in the country). Is the negative behaviour you witness typical for Polish inhabitants only ? Do any other nations, backgrounds etc. show similar behavior ?
InPolska 9 | 1,816
11 Nov 2015 #110
@Borsu: true, generally Poles live in their own ghettos and as a matter of fact are not any different from all migrants.
Ironside 53 | 12,410
11 Nov 2015 #111
I'm disappointed I keep hearing about Poles forming their isolated worlds in other countries.

Would be able to prove to me that you are Polish? Writing in Polish for example? I think you are a fraud who is trolling this site.

Until than I can be bothered to refute your silly questions.

true, generally Poles live in their own ghettos

Any reliable data to support your opinion?

What do you call the rich people ghettos? Enclaves.
Polonius3 994 | 12,367
11 Nov 2015 #112
Poles live in their own ghettos

That's the most normal thing around. The USA was a land of Little Italies, Little Polands, Little Mexicos, Chinatowns, French Quarters, Germantowns, Dutch Villages, etc., etc. It was extremely normal for people not knowing the language and customs of an alien land to flock together for survival and self-proteciton. They set up their own shops, places of worship, schools, institutions and clubs. Across Europe most Jews preferred to live in shtetls. Expats not only in Poland but elsewhere as well tend to hang out with fellow-expats. People seek a common frame of reference, common experiences, interests, likes and dislikes. One can call that a ghetto mentality or simpyl human nature. Chances are, if you suddenly landed in Mongolia, you too would seek out compatriots who spoke your tongue and saw things the way you do.
InPolska 9 | 1,816
11 Nov 2015 #113
@Pol: as to the "French Quarter" in New Orleans, I doubt there are any French "migrants". You well know that today's Louisiana (called after French Kings) and a lot of today's southern eastern states were French colonies and thus a few officials were based in what is now "New Orleans". Nothing to do with Polish or other migrants.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,862
11 Nov 2015 #114
true, generally Poles live in their own ghettos

I do not think that ghetto is the right word.
A 'ghetto' was eg the Warsaw ghetto in WW2.
Of course there are areas where nationalities gather.
In London the Turks are in Green Lanes and Hackney, the Portuguese tend to live Stockwell/Vauxhall/Brixton, and traditionally the Irish gathered in Camden Town, and the (old) Poles in West London for some reason. None of these places are /were 'ghettos'!
InPolska 9 | 1,816
11 Nov 2015 #115
The word "ghetto" has since been used to imply closed and often impoverished areas (like black neighborhoods in the US). Now, if we say that a population lives in a ghetto, it means that they keep themselves to themselves and don't mingle with other social groups.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,862
11 Nov 2015 #116
hmm that word has become a bit 'loaded' tbh ..:)
We don't have ghettoes in London darling!!
InPolska 9 | 1,816
11 Nov 2015 #117
who's talking about London? You must have lived in the deep forest of New Guinea not to have heard/read the word "ghetto" since 1945. The medias use it often
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,862
11 Nov 2015 #118
not in English they dont, I can assure you.
Of course I know the word, like I said, in relation to the Lodz or Warsaw ghetto.
I mentioned London because
a. it is the centre of the world (that was 'tongue in cheek' before you start getting all serious)
b. talking about Polish in the UK and 'ghettoes'

Actually the only people I heard use the word were people with English as a second language not fully aware of the implications of the word.
Polonius3 994 | 12,367
11 Nov 2015 #119
used to imply closed and often impoverished areas

It's all about semantics. If a word has a pejroative ring to it and you do not want to convey a negative climate, then use something else. An advocate of multi-culti mixing and integration can use the term ghetto to tendentiously denigrate an ethnic neighbourhood. But if that is not one's intention, such neutral terms as enclave, neighbourhood, section, quarter, etc. can be used insetad.
InPolska 9 | 1,816
11 Nov 2015 #120
Yes, Pol, it has now a negative connotation. It is sometimes also used to talk about rich exclusive areas where people keep themselves to themselves. Medias use the word a lot.

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