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Brexit complications for UK nationals

ragmasingh 3 | 12
15 Jan 2021 #1
Has anybody from the UK experienced any complications in Poland so far resulting from Brexit? Just curious. Thank you
pawian 194 | 19,848
15 Jan 2021 #2
Why only from the UK?? That`s unfair discrimination! :):)

Sorry, but I have always resisted all forms of discrimination. That is why I will answer this question and you can`t stop me.

in Poland so far

In Poland? No. Not yet, it is too early. But I suppose Polish truck drivers have to wait longer on the border.
rtfm 1 | 63
15 Jan 2021 #3
After brexit but not after the transition period - I can say with some confidence it was far far easier for my Polish friends to register to stay in the uk after brexit (5 minutes on an app) vs me registering to stay in Poland (nobody in the council offices knowing what is required, endless bullshit translations of irrelevant documents).
OP ragmasingh 3 | 12
15 Jan 2021 #4
rtfs, are you talking about applying for a resident's card? If yes did you succeed? and how long is it valid for?
rtfm 1 | 63
15 Jan 2021 #5
So I have my bit of paper now to say I was a EU resident before transition ended. No card as yet because they haven't decided on what they will look like. The process took 6 weeks and would've been longer if I didn't have my wonderful inlaws helping me!

Due to my working arrangements and the utter uselessness of hmrc, there is an ongoing saga with regards to my health care and taxes out here which i would be amazed if it's sorted in less than another 2 months.
OP ragmasingh 3 | 12
16 Jan 2021 #6
Prior to Brexit I was registered at my rented address with the local Urzad Miasto and I have my PITs to prove that I've been working here legally and paying tax so I'm hoping that will be sufficient to make an application for the card
rtfm 1 | 63
17 Jan 2021 #7
Yes, I think you'll be fine, especially as you have a Polish employer. If I hear back about the proper card being decided on I'll update the thread.
OP ragmasingh 3 | 12
18 Jan 2021 #8
dolnoslask 6 | 3,076
18 Jan 2021 #9

Can I ask why you left Britain for Poland ?
OP ragmasingh 3 | 12
19 Jan 2021 #10
No offence but I'd prefer not to put too much personal info online

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