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Double Taxation coming back between Poland & UK?

5 Oct 2018 #1
Hi, I heard from at least two unrelated Polish people now that some double taxation rules are coming back between Poland and UK next year? Is this true?

For instance my Polish colleague said he was told at the bank when he was in Poland 2 months ago that the new rules will come into effect in April 2019?

So this would mean that he would get taxed twice on earnings made in UK when transferring back to Poland.

Also if this is true, i guess my Father in Law who currently receives some UK state pension to Poland where he is resident, may be taxed twice, can anyone confirm this please?

I have searched on the internet and found some MLI / DATT related business / company articles but can't see anything specific how it would effect regular individuals.

Thank you
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
9 Oct 2018 #2
my Father in Law who currently receives some UK state pension to Poland where he is resident, may be taxed twice

No - your FIL will not be taxed twice. If the pension is his UK state pension the Polish government cannot touch that in any shape or form. If he has a private pension from company earnings/trust fund whatever, that is classed as earnings, and yes, they can and will.
hypa - | 2
19 Oct 2018 #3
Its strange as FIL bank wants to / does take tax (18/19%) on the pension coming from UK (not full State pension, but based on NI earnings over number of years).

Also my colleague just walked in now just confirmed that when he sent some money from UK earnings to Poland (for work done in UK) he received a letter from the bank that he will need to 'rozliczac sie' in England and In Poland from Wrzesien (not sure now if 2018 or post Brexit 2019)

Due to earnings in country thats not in EU.

He also mentioned from what i understand - even when setting up a new bank account in Poland just recently the banks now ask for the tax code (sub contracter code?) (not NI number) showing where you pay tax (or at what rate).

This is very strange that can't find anything about this in English. Unless its the Banks trying to pull a fast one....

There must be someone in Poland on this forum who has heard about this?

Thank you
cms neuf - | 2,068
19 Oct 2018 #4
Yes when you set up a Polish bank account you have to say where you pay tax - it is to comply with US regulations.

It is also the same in German banks and probably in other countries.

As for paying tax twicw then you shouldn't have to but if there is a no deal Brexit then yes the Polish-british tax treaty would need to be either extended or renegotiated - if neither of those things happened then yes you would pay tax twice. It's unlikely at the moment but certainly not impossible.
wokkawokkawokka - | 1
25 May 2022 #5

UK private pension double tax Poland

So. I can start to draw down on my private pension without paying UK tax if my yearly tax free threshold does not exceed £12.5k

Does anyone know if I tranfer this to my Polish bank account if I will be taxed ? Or maybe just keep my funds in the UK. Thanks all.
cms neuf - | 2,068
25 May 2022 #6
If you are tax resident in Poland - here more than 183 days - then you have to pay tax on that pension wherever you keep it

In reality the Polish tax authorities have little way of knowing about it and don't have the resources at the moment to pursue small cases like that

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