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Traditional Polish meat hut in the UK?

HappyV 4 | 7
18 May 2020 #1
Hello! so I am looking for a meat hut for my wedding to have kielbasa and other polish goodies for the guests. does anyone (in the UK or who can ship to the UK) know where i can get something like this from please?

thanks so much!
Roibeard79 2 | 46
20 May 2020 #2
There a lots of polish shops in England who may be able to assist. Where in UK are you
OP HappyV 4 | 7
20 May 2020 #3
hello there, thanks for replying! we will be doing the reception in the essex area, we are looking for the actual meat hut the meat is kept in like this:
Miloslaw 8 | 3,027
20 May 2020 #4
As I have said on a different thread, the meat is no problem in the UK.
Just get a suitable table....if you can get a market stall one, all the better.
OP HappyV 4 | 7
20 May 2020 #5
that's it! a market stall, thank you x

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