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Traditional Polish Foods

southernpol 1 | 1
4 Feb 2014 #1
One of my sons is to bring a traditional food from the country of his choice. Any suggestions on a traditional Polish dish that's easy to prepare?
SLOsprayer - | 1
28 Feb 2014 #3
Merged: National dishes of Poland?

What are polish national dishes? Where in Krakow are they most delicious?
Wlodzimierz 4 | 544
28 Feb 2014 #4
Bigos, or "hunter's stew" consists of pork sausage (kiełbasa) sliced, picked cabbage etc. and is perhaps the most iconically Polish dish with which your's truly's familiar:-)

I love the stuff, could eat heaping helpings of it (..washed down of course with a solid Polish beer such as Żywiec).
28 Feb 2014 #5
Cutlet, cutlet and oh yeah cutlet.
Cardno85 31 | 976
28 Feb 2014 #6

Yes, yes and yes! Love me some Bigos!


If you are in a place selling good traditional Polish food and the only beer they have is Zywiec, walk away. It's the Polish equivalent of Carling or Tennants. You should be able to find a lot of places that serve much better beer.


Kotlet Schabowy may not be the national dish of Poland, but it's something so many Polish people that live outside of Poland miss. It's simple, delicious and pleases everyone.

Can I also suggest polish pancakes (naleśniki) with savoury fillings, really really tasty! Also if you are lucky enough to have a market in the square when you are there. Grab some grilled meatstuffs!

Oh and Golonka...I could go on!
Wlodzimierz 4 | 544
1 Mar 2014 #7
Pizy can also be quite delicious, though not alone (in my humble opinion). I enjoy them as a side with a main dish of nice wędlina and kapusta!

After the meal digestive of choice?? Well, there's always a shot ot two of Żubrówka following dessert and some good strong coffee:-)

Gettin' myself famished here, he-he!!!!
Cardno85 31 | 976
1 Mar 2014 #9

Mmmmm, my father in law smokes all his own meat and whenever we go over the house is full of about meat sweats!
Wlodzimierz 4 | 544
1 Mar 2014 #10
As I said, I offered my wife one of my pyza and she fell in love with Polish cooking too:-)
2 Mar 2014 #11
Pea soup with curly pork skins! Delicious!
Dreamergirl 4 | 273
13 Jul 2016 #12
Merged: Making polish food

Hi. My boyfriend would like me to make him polish food. But where would I even start? I have no idea what I'm doing ? Any tips or ideas?
Gibonka - | 18
13 Jul 2016 #13
Go to your Polish deli and see what they have on the shelf
Dreamergirl 4 | 273
13 Jul 2016 #14
But where do I get the recipes and what should I make him? I could always ask him but I think I would like to suprise him one day after work

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