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Polsat or NC+ in England? Subtitles.

Kevvy123 1 | 3
17 Jun 2015 #1
Hi, My partner and I are moving to England in a few weeks and was wondering is it still possible to use either a Polsat box or NC+ box in England we know it used to work but am unsure if the channels have been coded or not now. Any advice would be great thanks

I wasn't talking about the uk just asking if I could watch Polish TV there? Same question as asked by people wanting English/American TV in Poland
17 Jun 2015 #2
as far as I know you can watch Polsat easily but am not sure exactly how - perhaps someone else will know more.
OP Kevvy123 1 | 3
17 Jun 2015 #3
Thank you, proberly just need a big sattelite as i have a contract
kpc21 1 | 763
17 Jun 2015 #4
is it still possible to use either a Polsat box or NC+ box in England

Yes, it's possible. Many Polish watch Polish channels in the UK using sat sets brought from Poland. If you bring a tuner from Poland, connect it to any satellite aerial directed into a proper satellite (it's possible that the dish in the UK has to be bigger than in Poland, but I don't know), then it will receive Polish TV.

It's against the regulations of the operators (nc+/Polsat Cyfrowy), but they don't do anything with it, because there is many subscribers who pay them only because it's the only way of receiving Polish TV abroad.
OP Kevvy123 1 | 3
19 Jun 2015 #5
THank you thats great :) I use SKY tv in Poland and have a 1.5m dish to receive but a few of the channels are blocked. will proberly take that large dish with me :)
kpc21 1 | 763
20 Jun 2015 #6
I am not sure if bringing a 1.5 m dish from Poland to the UK is worth the effort. I would rather sell this one and buy a new one in the UK. A 1.5 m dish isn't too handy to transport :)

Looking at the coverage maps of Hot Bird, the satellite used by Polish platforms like Polsat and NC+:

the signal level in most of the UK area, maybe except the regions on the very north, should be similar to Poland, or even much better (on the south). In Poland a typical dish size is 60 cm. The 80 cm size is increasingly popular, especially from the time when HD channels appeared. It's also recommended if you want to built an installation to receive signal from a few satellites (you may want to receive the British channels on the same dish).

If you sell this 1.5 m dish in Poland and buy an 80 cm in the UK, you will probably even earn some money on this :) Even taking into account that you won't get so much money for a used dish than for a brand-new one, and that the prices in the UK are higher than in Poland, the dishes of the size higher than 1 m are, generally, expensive, and the price grows rapidly with the dish diameter.

As I can see the 80 cm dish price in the UK is about £20-£30. A new 1.2 m steel dish costs in Poland about 600 zł. Even if you sell your antenna for a half of this price (you may leave the converter as it's small and quite handy, unless you are going to travel by plane), you will earn. There might be not so easy to find a buyer for it (maybe ask on forums dedicated to the satellite TV) though.
OP Kevvy123 1 | 3
21 Jun 2015 #7
Hey, thank you for your advice, we are travelling to England by van so may just take it with me saves the hassle of getting it sold
kpc21 1 | 763
21 Jun 2015 #8
OK, so, if it's no problem to you to take it, then take it.
18 Jan 2016 #9
Merged: subtitles problem

please can someone advise me i have polish tv in the uk because i like it im english and want english subtitles but my 40inch sony says this feature not available which sounds ridiculous can someone advise me please im using nc+
kpc21 1 | 763
18 Jan 2016 #10
Do you expect Polish TV to broadcast English subtitles?

It says the feature is not available because it is not available. It's not a DVD. For some movies and programmes you can enable Polish subtitles, designated basically for the deaf people. If it is not working through a TV function, you can also try the page 777 in the teletext.
skubus 7 | 42
2 Nov 2017 #11

Poland's TVN channels not working

Hi guys. Anyone experiencing problems with their satellite channels. We got anew NC+ box, hooked it up and can get every channel apart from all TVN stations
19 Mar 2019 #12
Yes you can we have one 👍
23 Dec 2020 #13
my nc+ sound isn't working however my english tv is.
pawian 178 | 16,078
23 Dec 2020 #14
Are you boasting or complaining coz I am not sure?

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