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Polish cartoons/soap operas/other series with Polish subtitles

nuy 2 | 3
15 Dec 2011 #1

I'm looking for Polish TV series that I can watch with the subtitles in Polish. Ideally children's animated or other series that use not-so-complicated language, but basically anything where I can hear the dialogue and read it on screen at the same time. I've had a quick look on Youtube, and also through some previous threads on this forum, but have not found anything suitable as yet. If anybody knows of anything that fits the above description (and preferably something I can watch or download online), I'd really appreciate your recommendations.

Dziękuję bardzo.
antheads 13 | 366
15 Dec 2011 #2
hmmm there is not much of a market for this, why do you wnat to hear and read polish at the same time?
OP nuy 2 | 3
15 Dec 2011 #3
Because I'm learning Polish... Most of the people who I know who are learning English use this method (i.e. watching films in English with English subtitles). It's one of the best ways, in my opinion, to improve your language comprehension, as there's a big gap between understanding written and spoken language, and this method helps to bridge it.

I've found a Polish TV series called Londyńczycy, which you can watch on the Telewizja Polska website, but unfortunately you can't see the subtitles (the Polish ones for people who are hard of hearing). Does anyone know where you can watch/download this series with the Polish subtitles?


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