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Polish people and TV Series - so good and hilariously spot on :)

FlaglessPole 4 | 669
15 Jun 2015 #1
Out of the current crop of TV Serial headliners, Mad Men has made the least impact in Poland. Few follow it and I think I know why. The smoking, the vertigo-inducing ties, the tacky décor, the smoking, the incessant boozing during office hours, the pre-feminism sexism, but most of all the smoking - this is Poland 2015. Mad Men isn't that enjoyable for you because you aren't as far removed from it as, let's say, Game of Thrones, which is Poland circa 1921.

read on:,35058,18024890,TV_Theories__House_of_Poland__Mad_Slavs.html#TRrelSST
jon357 63 | 14,255
15 Jun 2015 #2
The smoking, the vertigo-inducing ties, the tacky décor, the smoking

Except the clothing and decor are so much better - a wonderful show.
OP FlaglessPole 4 | 669
15 Jun 2015 #3
oh yeah man totally into it

here is the proper link:,35058,18024890,TV_Theories__House_of_Poland__Mad_Slavs.html#TRrelSST

Please avoid posting links because they become inactive in time.
27 Feb 2016 #4
Merged: What was the name of the old Soap Opera in Poland?

Hey guys!

I've been thinking (and looking) for a short while for an old Soap that used to air in Poland? I forget what it was about, but I remember that the intro had an 80s Jazz Trumpet feel to it! (Similar to Wham! Careless Whisperer)

It's very vague what I am giving (what I remember) but it's all I got!

Thanks for your help in advance! :)
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,163
27 Feb 2016 #5
old Soap that used to air in Poland

When ? What was it about ?
27 Feb 2016 #6
I remember watching it around 2005/06 (making me 6 years old...)

I cannot remember what it was about - My best guess was something about a rich family.

Maybe this will help - I tried to hum what the intro song was.
Pardon my poor attempt! :P
Looker - | 1,023
27 Feb 2016 #7
First I thought that it's a Polish soap opera, but after hearing your humming I can only say that it's "The Bold and the Beautiful" (Moda na sukces)

Indeed very popular in Poland at that time.
2 Aug 2019 #8
Are there any popular late night talk shows in Poland like the Late Show with David Letterman or something similar? The most popular Bulgarian talk show just got cancelled after 19 years on air, so I got curious...
mafketis 21 | 7,472
2 Aug 2019 #9
There've been a couple but the format never really caught on...

The two hosts that come to mind are Wojciech Jagielski (and his 'evening with a vampire') and Kuba Wojewódzki who first became famous as the mean judge on the Polish version of Pop Idol (I forget what his show is/was called)
3 Aug 2019 #10
Oh ok, but where do popular foreigner singers or actors go to be interviewed when they come to Poland for a visit for whatever reason?
cms neuf - | 1,022
3 Aug 2019 #11
For that kind of thing then nomrally the morning shows - Dzien Dobry TVN or PnS. But they don't normally sit on a sofa, more like a recorded interview in some studio.

In the late nights there was also Szymon Majewski a few years back - a mix of pranks and interviews a bit like Stefan Raab in Germany.

Home / Life / Polish people and TV Series - so good and hilariously spot on :)
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