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Ireland and Poland - ways of struggling for independence

mafketis 22 | 7,756
26 Oct 2018 #31
lol those guys aren't your average Muslims are they?

they self-identify as muslims but many others don't accept them as such (kind of like mormons and christianity or ahmadis and islam in pakistan)

my point was that islam sometimes appeals to or helps (at least temporarily) those who need strict guidelines in order to function...

my prediction is that this won't last for her and in a few years she'll move onto something else...
Crow 137 | 7,974
26 Oct 2018 #32
I am just curious how Islam deal with female martyrs. Do they also receives 40 virgins after they died?

O'Connor has been mentally ill for a very long time. If this helps her, then so be it.

Yes, its maybe part of some twisted mental therapy.
mafketis 22 | 7,756
29 Oct 2018 #33

Ironic that this comes so close to the absolutely shameful decision by the European court of human rights in Brussels!

Long live Ireland! Long live freedom of speech!
Atch 17 | 3,055
29 Oct 2018 #34
There was a low turnout for the vote. Only 43% of the electorate so it's obviously something people aren't that bothered about. The vote is really just formalizing the existing reality which is that nobody has been prosecuted for blashphemy since 1855!! Of course it was also the Presidential election so people weren't too bothered about that either obviously! Just to clarify for those who don't know, our President has no political role, it's just a diplomatic corps post really. And I'm happy to say that lovely little old Michael Higgins has been re-elected :)

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