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How to change my name in the UK as a Polish citizen

26 Oct 2019 #1
So I've been living in the UK for the past 12 years, so most of my life. Because of this, I'm only borderline-fluent in Polish, so not good enough to understand legal documents well. Researching this topic is difficult thus. I'm a Polish citizen only, so (not yet) an English citizen.

How can I change my (first) name, whilst staying in the UK, how long will it take, and what does it entail in terms of documentation? Can I do it in English? Whom do I need to talk to? Would I need to go to London (the closest Embassy--it is quite far though) or can I do everything from home?

I know there's a Deed Poll, but I've been told by someone from "QB Enforcement Section" that I can only use it if I'm a British citizen. It seems like changing your name as a Polish citizen, much more so if you live abroad, is stupidly difficult. Moreover, unlike in the UK where you can change it however many times you want and to whatever you want (with certain restructions), in Poland, you can only change it twice and with a 'serious' reason. To me, it sounds like I have little say in what my name is.

In another post, RubasznyRumcajs gave a certain method of changing your name on your Polish passport:
1. Submit the Deed Poll in the UK
2. Change your name on your driving licence, etc.
3. Write to someone who manages name changes for Polish people, I don't know who, ask them to change it and explain why (using the driving licence, etc., as evidence).

Is this a good or efficient way of doing it? Whom would I need to write to for step 3.? Could I for instance show just two pieces of evidence, for example, university identification & bank statements (or should I try for a driving/provisional licence)?
terri 1 | 1,665
26 Oct 2019 #2
It may be easier to change your name in Poland and then submit all your documents in your new name when you apply for British citizenship and passport.
OP MahNameisbad1233
26 Oct 2019 #3
Would I need to go to Poland or can I use mail or email?
3 Oct 2020 #4
Hi, having the same problem, did you get a solution?

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