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Polish passport - UK citizen

8 Dec 2017 #1

My mother is polish by birth, my father was born in UK (father polish, mother British) and raised in Poland. Both renounced polish citizenship decades ago. I was born and raised in UK. British nationality.

I am thinking about applying for Polish nationality (will also keep British nationality) and passport so that I retain the possibility of working in EU after Brexit. No immediate plans to do so.

Can any offer any advice on process and obligations I would be taking on as a result.

Also, could my wife and children also apply for Polish nationality and passports now or at a later stage?
DominicB - | 2,677
8 Dec 2017 #2
Both renounced polish citizenship decades ago.

That's a hurdle that will be difficult to overcome, if it is at all possible to overcome, without the help of an experienced Polish immigration attorney. Make sure you have the originals of all of the documents you will need: parents' and grandparents' birth certificates, passports, etc.
OP rralph
8 Dec 2017 #3
Thanks for the info. Not at all as easy as I thought then.

I'm not at all clear on whether my mother and father actually officially renounced their Polish citizenship. That might be my starting point.
RubasznyRumcajs 5 | 468
9 Dec 2017 #4
after 1989 renauncing Polish nationality is a major PITA.
if they did have it done before you were born, you have no chance for Polish citizenship using that kind of claim.
29 Aug 2018 #5
Hi is there any other way to renew polish passport than ekonsulat? I'm trying to make appointment for 3 months now and always says lack of available dates. Can anyone help? Thank you.
29 Aug 2018 #6
Make sure to check for few hours after the time listed on their website. When I got my appointment the consulate listed them 1,5 hour later than stated. After I got that the dates were plenty. Just refresh/upload the site every 15 minutes or so.
Pawel Monk
19 Sep 2018 #7
My father was born in Poland in the 1920s and settled in England after the war, my mother was English. My father probably renounced his Polish citizenship to become a British citizen and so no longer has a Polish passport and due to his age has not renewed his English passport.

I am retired and enjoy travelling with my wife, especially in Europe, and we do not want to loose European citizenship and freedom of movement it has allowed us.

Is it possible for me to get a Polish passport and how, and would my wife be able to travel with me on a UK passport?
terri 1 | 1,627
19 Sep 2018 #8
It does not follow that your father born in the 1920's had to renounce his Polish citizenship to become British. he might have had dual nationality.

You would have to prove, by documentary evidence that your father was Polish. You have to get his birth certificate and any other documents that prove that at the time of your birth he was Polish.
Miloslaw 6 | 2,383
19 Sep 2018 #9
I think he would have been stripped of his Polish nationality by the Communists after the war,as my father was.
Before getting a British passport my father was given a "Travel Document" issued by The British government with which he could use as a passport but would not be protected by The British Government.He could not return to Poland with that document.
terri 1 | 1,627
19 Sep 2018 #10
The wording 'would not be protected by the British Government' leads me to believe that at that time a person was considered a dual national and that is why, in the country of birth, the British Government could not do anything..

Many Polish people who settled after the war in England, were not stripped of their Polish nationality. They may not even be aware that they are still dual-nationals.

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