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Can anyone help me in getting my Polish Passport?

LisaLisa 1 | 8
21 Sep 2014 #1
Can anyone help me in getting my Polish Passport, or know of anyone who can help?
Bieganski 17 | 896
21 Sep 2014 #2
You already asked about this in another thread and some people provided you some starting points. There are plenty of other threads on PF which have covered this topic as well.

Here is one more official source from the Ministry of the Interior regarding Polish citizenship:

Ways of acquiring Polish citizenship


No one here is going to do all the work for you simply because you are distraught with your current situation of living over in America. So it is best you start reading the resources already provided to you, get going with collecting whatever personal paperwork is needed to justify you obtaining a Polish passport and then begin contacting Polish government officials on your own.

And if you never qualify for Polish citizenship then you will just have to accept that because again no one here will be able to do anything about it for you.
OP LisaLisa 1 | 8
23 Sep 2014 #3
Thanks so much Bieganski! Yes, I am very aware that I already asked this question in another post, however, the conversation had digressed from asking for help to being called a racist, so I thought it best to enquire in another thread. I apologize if I seem over-eager by posting in another thread. Having said that, I have indeed have taken the information given here, and have already submitted my documentation with the proper channels through a verified lawer in Poland (they are in process). As far being distraught, I don't think you've been alive long enough to be truly distraught yet, or long enough to know how to handle it. At 52 yers old, not only have I been Polish longer than you have, I have lived the Polish life longer as well, regardless of where my body was or is. I just wish my Polish speaking was better at this point. This does not seem to be a very warm or friendly forum, but I do thank those who've actually tried to help. I'll be removing my profile as I do not wish to be where I am not wanted or where I am being contantly reprimanded, berated and judged by those who do not know me as a person. Again, I do thank you and wish you the best in all you do and dream of.

Sincerest regards, Lisa Muzin Steranchak
TheOther 5 | 3,691
23 Sep 2014 #4
At 52 yers old, not only have I been Polish longer than you have, I have lived the Polish life longer as well, regardless of where my body was or is

I don't get it, Lisa. Your parents were born in the US, you were born in the US, and you are 52 years old. You are not Polish, you are an American through and through. A new passport won't change that, so why don't you try to live in Poland on a working visa or something?
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,844
24 Sep 2014 #5
Lisa instead of asking for help from strangers on a public forum, help yourself a bit and use google and your grandparents birthlines to get what you want.

As far as I know, if your grandparents were born there you will have no problem.
If however what you dont like about the states is haveing to pay ten cents for a bag and receiving health advice from the government, then I would suggest you will find much worse problems in Poland.
16 Oct 2014 #6
I would be able to help you to get a Polish Passport in Poland if you still need this help with the necessary paperwork. It might take about 2-3 months to get it done, but it's feasible. Anyway I am a lawyer myself, so I can do this - contact
jwr1558 - | 1
19 Apr 2017 #7

Applying for a Polish passport, my Poland's born father emigrated to Palestine in 1946

My father was from Warka in Poland and survived Auschwitz, emigrating to Palestine in 1946. I believe I am eligible for a Polish passport and have seen there are many companies online that offer assistance in the whole process of getting one. However, I'm not sure if it would be better, cheaper or even possible to do the whole process myself. Any advice anyone can provide would be much appreciated. Many thanks.
8 May 2017 #8
Hey jwr1558
It all depends on how much documents you have or you can source. I would say it is possible to do it yourself, I've just started the process myself so we'll see how we go. Goodluck
C dan19
29 Nov 2020 #9

Married to a Polish man in the UK - Polish passports for children?

Hi, I am married to a Polish man and we have 2 sons.
I want to get them polish passports. Can anyway tell me exactly how to do this?
Ironside 50 | 11,122
29 Nov 2020 #10
Call Polish Embassy and they will fill you in about procedure. .

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