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My bad experiences with Polish neighbours in UK (not meant to offend)

Wulkan - | 3,203
23 Jul 2015 #61
anyway I know if someone is speaking Polish because it is usually in a high pitched whine and they say 'dziesiec (spelling bad, sorry) pfund' a lot and weeping about 'pinonza'....oh sorry Wulkan, just joking...:)

Don't say sorry, your attack on me was a fail as usual, I don't know what "dziesiec", "pfund" and "pinonza" are and I don't even feel like googling it to find out

I know you envy me that unlike the Polish father of your children I'm in a successful relationship with the English woman, don't be bitter about it, just get over it. Only decent English women deserve a decent Polish men :-)

@Ryouga: I think your Polish neighbours are a bunch of d1ckheads, it looks like they are a some Polish chavs. I don't know how visible your autism is but it could be one of the reasons why they disrespect you so much and treat you so badly, maybe because of your disability they see you as a no threat to them. If I was you I'd make it clear that they have to behave themselves or else, police gets paid from your tax so feel free to keep them busy. With this kind of people if you don't fight for respect, you simply won't get it.
InPolska 9 | 1,816
23 Jul 2015 #62
@Ryouga! witam! It is awful. I really feel sorry for you. You seem to be a nice guy. The ideal would be to move out but I suppose you cannot afford to and have no other choice than to put up with crap. Do get police involved whenever necessary! If too many complaints about them, they might be kicked out and hopefully replaced by decent tenants. As you are aware, the problem with your neighbors is not that they are Polish, the problem is that they are "white trash" and no matter their nationality, "white trash" behaves the same way.

Such people when foreigners lead to xenophobia, racism and hasty stereotypes.
23 Jul 2015 #63
I find it pretty funny that a Scottish person living in England is complaining about a lot of Polish drunks living in the UK.
OP ryouga 4 | 59
23 Jul 2015 #64
I do not live in England I live in Scotland, and I personally do not drink alcohol(just makes me sleepy and depressed) I used to drink a little when younger but even then only to socialise in a bar mostly at a weekend rather than just for the sake of it.
kaz200972 2 | 229
23 Jul 2015 #65
@ryouga:-Unfortunately there are bad people among all races, you seem to have been landed with the Polish 'white trash'. The only advice I can give is to put the police on to them every time they step out of line. You should also keep a diary of every anti social thing they do and take pictures of mess they leave. When you have a reasonable amount of evidence take it to their landlord or the housing authorities.

Autism is still not very well understood or accepted in Poland and if these people are poorly educated they will target you because of the autism.

Try and stand up to as much as possible, if you stand your ground they may well get fed up of targeting you.
23 Jul 2015 #66
So these Pole's are living in Scotland ?
OP ryouga 4 | 59
23 Jul 2015 #67
Well to be fair, I think its more of the fact the neighbours I have had get offended easily rather than just being bad people. Even the ones I have had problems with were friendly before they just seem naive to how they affect other people.

Most of the ones that drank invited me to drink with them but I said no, its only after you complain they get agressive and offended, like the one with the dog who had a few parties in my garden last year so there was about 30-50 people in my garden from 7am to midnight and kids running and noisy and dogs barking, they did clean most of the trash but there was still some there and then the problem was all they did was fill up the bins for the building and not even bother putting them out for binmen, another time had like 10 of their friends come round with kids and sit in garden all day smoking whilst they kids ran about and they were listening to music.

I dont think that is bad people as much as they are treating my garden as a public park at the expense of people who live here so its more ignorance and if you speak to them they are friendly.
M_S 1 | 6
23 Jul 2015 #68
Poles belongs to Europe, poor or rich plays no role, but 99.99% educated. Great Nations like the U.S, European, Australians, Canadians engineers doctors, works all over the world, earn $$ but I never understand what asians are doing in Europe! Yes Asians are full of poetry, women has no rights, very religious, fundamentalism, hatred, they hate us too much, but live in our countries, I never understand. They live in slums, eat street foods, talk rubbish, marry well established countries women to get national, than leave the women and bring their black beauty back and make children and enjoys our social systems.

But good news for all Europeans, soon women will get this right to kick off any foreigner asian, whom they don't want, even if he left her and children remain stay in her custody. If the asian took the children back to his country, he/she will send to European Jail for 10 years, and children will send to their European Parent. Rules are rules guys
bullfrog 6 | 602
24 Jul 2015 #69
Yes Asians

black beauty

You should make up your mind.. Are you talking about Asians or Africans (or both??)
31 Jul 2015 #70
Bad neighbours come in all nationalities my friend.

I lived in Aberdeen, I had many bad neighbours, all Scottish and disrespectful.
I lived in Edinburgh, I have a drunken crazy neighbour, he was from Tunisia.

People are people all over the world, we are all the same, we all have problems.
OP ryouga 4 | 59
5 Aug 2015 #71
I know but in terms of average number of people here, I have had far less problems with locals than Polish which seem to be almost constant, my downstairs neighbours daugher has a Hungarian neighbour who is very violent and police are often called.

Yet 2 Polish men attacked each other outside my flat a few weeks ago.

Back to the neighbour I am having issues with, he has just bought a motorbike and likes to loudly start the engine and let it run and if he sees me at the window he laughs, I have tried to be nice to him and smile at him each time I see him but he gives me angry looks and when he walks past me says something in Polish that sounds like a swearword I saw on Google yet he does this after having the cheek to walk into my garden where he has no right to enter and letting his dog bark.

And I am sure he is commiting tax frauds as I get letters in his name to my property as he lived here before I did but moved out 2 years ago but runs his own business, other reason for thinking this is he uses the public bins to fill them up with furniture as he runs a business where he gets free furniture and cleans and fixes it and sells it for profit and puts broken furniture in the bins meaning no one else can use them and business pays higher taxes to council and have their own private bins.

My neighbour went away for about 3 weeks and have come back and intentionally intimidating me, when the girlfriend is around and taking the dog out its quiet and you dont even know its there, when he does it the dog barks a lot and I see him laughing, and if you happen to look out the window when hes there he automatically assumes you are looking at him and you see him say something and wave his fists.

He starts his motorbike multiple times and looks at my window with a nasty smile on his face.

A few days ago the front door to my building closed despite being unlocked and I went across to politely ask him to borrow his key and he stood at his window giving me the finger and shouting then standing at his window watching me, when I finally got in 10 minutes later he came round with his dog and made it bark louder than usual and slammed the door and started yelling in the garden.

He still thinks he is the victim despite my upstairs neighbour moving out due to the noise and attitude he has, I have another neighbour who is deaf in one ear who gets woken up around 5am every day from his noise as he slams his vans doors multiple times as he loads his van or his friends arrive and he laughs at my elderly neighbour or claims he speaks no English, yet when I complained to local authorities about him he suddenly spoke perfect English.
InPolska 9 | 1,816
30 Aug 2015 #72
As it is going on and on and on ... do call the cops and tell them that besides the non stop noise all the time, you feel threatened. These people should be kicked out of their flat. Do you know whether they pay rent and utilities?

Sad to live in such conditions!
jon357 74 | 21,961
30 Aug 2015 #73
Yes. I agree. And most importantly keep a diary of what happens. Dates, times, details.

Is the flat council or private?
30 Aug 2015 #74
Ok, this is going to sound like a bit oft strange advice.

Try contacting your local polish community club/church, either the president or priest or preferably both.

I think they should be able to help you with this particular problem.
InPolska 9 | 1,816
30 Aug 2015 #75
Yes, getting help from Polish community coud be good too. Maybe this before calling cops.
jon357 74 | 21,961
30 Aug 2015 #76
Plus your local councillor's surgery - they should hold one weekly somewhere near you. These can be very useful.
InPolska 9 | 1,816
30 Aug 2015 #77
@Ryouga: do as we advise you to and do as Jon said: write down in detail whatever wrong they do so you'll be able to give concrete tacts.

This is awful to live around such jerks.
OP ryouga 4 | 59
30 Aug 2015 #78
Actually I am classified as a vulnerable person, and the few times I tried speaking to him he claimed not to speak English, only when I complained to the council he then spoke to me in English and was very agressive leaning over me and shouting.

Each time since then I have tried speaking to him and he just gives me a bad look and speaks quietly and walks off in other direction.

They have the same landlord and back when I originally had problems when I moved in they just laughed and ignored the landlords comments, I am not sure about utilities but I think they are doing tax fraud, they previously lived in my apartment and there was 8 people in a 2 bedroom apartment, 16 months after moving in I still get letters from the taxman saying they owe money for at least the last 3 tax years, I get pension letters, bank statments, bank cards and last week got a letter saying the guy owed a £2000 fine from the criminal court and at same time a letter telling him he got a new job and where to go.

Since they havent informed the government or taxman or employers they have moved house its suspicious.

And also they are not paying business tax, they use the public bins for their work waste they work as house furniture removers where they get the old furniture for free, varnish and clean what they can sell on and dump what they cant in the bins or next to them outside their flat, this means I have seen beds, sofas, carpets, even tyres and about 6 weeks ago they dumped GLASS doors next to the bins that smashed and they havent cleaned up and they never recycle meaning that every Friday when bins are emptied by council that evening the public bins are full of their waste.

I have been out there before and seen him and friends put dozens of vodka bottles and beer cans in bin, I am talking about 40 or more vodka bottles over a weekend and over a hundred beer cans.

He did kick my door many times a few weeks ago when I locked it because each time he comes round he unlocks it but we live near a school so if we dont they use it or the homeless people come in.
InPolska 9 | 1,816
30 Aug 2015 #79
if they fraud with their tax, just drop a line to tax office ;).

So you opened their letters!!!! "lol"
jon357 74 | 21,961
30 Aug 2015 #80
I really think you need to make a list of the things that have happened and visit your local councillor's surgery. Explain that you are vulnerable and tell them why.

They are there to help in situations like this.
InPolska 9 | 1,816
30 Aug 2015 #81
@Ryouga: this situation cannot last for ever so please do act as of now! Tomorrow at 9.00 call the housing authorities/social worker/city hall or whomever can be concerned in England (I don't know), briefly tell them about situation and that you are vulnerable and also very scarred for your safety and you need an appointment right away to further discuss. Of course at said meeting, you'll bring as much evidence as you can, including the letters they receive in your mailbox.

These people are pure garbage and they have to be straightened up.

PS: maybe you could see a doctor and ask him to write a letter stating that you are very affected by situation and have gotten into depression.

ps 2: @Ryouga: when you call tomorrow, do mention that they cheat, they don't pay tax and believe me the authorities will act swiftly.
OP ryouga 4 | 59
30 Aug 2015 #82
Yeah I opened some letters by accident, as I get letters from the jobcentre about my disability sometimes I am tired and dont look at the name on the letter just notice its from the jobcentre, and when I first moved here I opened a bank letter as they are with same bank, have had bank cards sent here too even recently.

The job one was because it was a handwritten envelope so couldnt see the name and only found out when I opened it as it was a printed letter, and the court/police one was because the name was covered on the envelope so couldnt tell without opening it.

I wasnt sure about reporting since if I do they will assume even correct it was me, I think other neighbours complained about noise and he just blamed me as he knew I made a complaint to council months ago.

Not sure about local Polish community place to check, there is a residents council but for everyone and I know he is one of the leaders of it which is why I think he gets away with things and why he had a few garden parties (in MY garden) last year whilst only inviting local Polish so hes friends with everyone, because of that I am sure thats why since I complained I get people park their vans outside me and shout swear words in Polish or chuck rubbish at me and many I recognise as his friends.

The other things he does are more annoying than bad, he uses all of the parking spaces for my flat for himself and his friends meaning people in my building are forced to park on the street, he has even intimidated people before for parking in "his" space
InPolska 9 | 1,816
30 Aug 2015 #83
You may mention the letters and when doing so, you just say as you have written here; you have opened them by accident. All of us sometimes receive letters addressed to former tenants/landlords and we open them by mistake so no crime ;). Some of the letters were rather important and they should have been sent registered with "return receipt requested". Don't they do so in England?

It is pure hell where you live and you need to solve problem asap.

So do get on the phone tomorrow at 9.00 and call authorities!

Do come back tomorrow to tell us!

All the best!
OP ryouga 4 | 59
30 Aug 2015 #84
In the UK its a little unclear on what is allowed, they say opening letters is an offense, but they also mention things like if its for the purpose of forwarding letters and similar it seems to be ok.

We do have a system which makes the person use their signature of proof of delivery but it costs extra and so unless its for certain legal things its not used or when sending parcels.
InPolska 9 | 1,816
30 Aug 2015 #85
So don't mention the letters. Next time, you meet the mailman, tell him they no longer live at the place. If he asks you what you did with the letters addressed to them, you just tell him that you sent them back to senders ;).

If you suspect that they work under the table, tell authorities!
OP ryouga 4 | 59
5 Sep 2015 #86
I was a bit worried to outright complain so just contacted council about the waste.

Since then its got worse, I saw a razor blade next to the bins and a smashed mirrow, and the dog barking has gotten to stupid levels.

Right now its been barking for 15 minutes, and since the dog only takes 5 minutes or so normally to run around and do its business then the thug is doing this on purpose and the previous few days the dog barks far more, and as I say if the female brings out the dog or his male housemate the dog never barks, if he brings it out it barks constantly.

I was woken yesterday at 5.30am by the dog barking loudly too

The fool seems to always act as if he is the victim and if you complain he gets agressive so I cannot win,

I am still even angrier because he thinks he has a right o use other peoples property as his own, he harassed a neighbour last year when the locks were changed saying "this is how we do it in Poland, we share" yet all he has done for my building is cut a small patch of grass about once a month and outright says that gives him the right to use my garden,

If I walked into a strangers garden with a mower and cut a small area then said to the owner that I have a right to use the whole garden as my own now, I would not get away with it.

He did try and claim racism before when I complained to council about noise.
5 Sep 2015 #87
Stop being racist!These people are refugees!
5 Sep 2015 #88
Original poster states in title "neighbors" then proceeds to talk about one single person

Great thread. Would read again.
OP ryouga 4 | 59
6 Sep 2015 #89
Strange, did you read the entire opening post or just the final one since it states there I had problems in multiple areas unless you are just reading the recent post and since I am talking about current neighbour you just assume thats all I meant.

Hard to tell really.
InPolska 9 | 1,816
6 Sep 2015 #90
@Ryouga: your situation is getting out of control and has to be sorted out asap. The other day, I was watching a program from some English tv channel. Said program is called "the nightmare neighbors next door" and I believe they could help you out. There were hard cases too ;). Just look up contacts and get in touch with them. Otherwise, maybe there is a local paper or radio station in your area which could get involved. As to authorities, unless when a murder, they don't react right away and local politicians are quick only at election times....

Good luck!

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