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Time for Polish Leaving England

Miss Misiuk
20 Jul 2016 #1
Now is time I return to Poland as it is no longer desired for Poles to live in UK. English people not like Polish workers as too many come to England in last years and now also houses owners not want to rent Poles no more. I think maybe after home I try Germany next. What can people say
Lyzko 42 | 9,125
20 Jul 2016 #2
Germans dislike foreigners on the whole even worse than the English:-)
kpc21 1 | 763
20 Jul 2016 #3
And where will the UK find people willing to work for Polish wages? :-)

Personally for me it's not so bad - it will be easier to find a specialist when you need to make a renovation in your apartment.

Although actually, if you throw the Poles out (and you won't do it, because for economical reasons you will most likely stay associated with the EU, which means you will have to obey all the rules anyway), they will go to Germany, Denmark and Norway. So... do it :-) But I don't think you will manage to do it without an economical collapse of your country.
Lyzko 42 | 9,125
20 Jul 2016 #4
Spot on!
jon357 72 | 20,989
20 Jul 2016 #5
it is no longer desired for Poles to live in UK

Not particularly true, most have no problem with it.

Sounds like a troll.
Lyzko 42 | 9,125
20 Jul 2016 #6
Not so sure about that, jon! Normally, I'd agree, but after reading about the strong Brexit response as well as PM May's critical immigration stance, Panna Misiuk may not be far from wrong:-)

Certainly hopping over to Germany right now, would to my mind be going from the frying pan right into the fire!!
jon357 72 | 20,989
20 Jul 2016 #7

Unelected. She was actually supposed as Home Secretary to reduce the migration numbers: in fact she specifically promised to do so. The numbers increased during that time.

strong Brexit respons

37% of the electorate in favour, many of that 37% now saying they regret it. In London and the big cities, people are generally fine.

A bit like saying that just because PiS scraped in to office in Poland, all those in the majority who don't support them have suddenly changed attitudes.

And no change in the status of people already there.
kpc21 1 | 763
20 Jul 2016 #8
after reading about the strong Brexit response as well as PM May's critical immigration stance, Panna Misiuk may not be far from wrong:-)

What turns out in polls, referendums, etc. to be what people actually want is often really surprising.

Look at the support Erdogan has in Turkey. People want him. Even though he violates all the human rights, and starts going towards religious country instead of Western Europe-style one. Some people were telling that he is like Putin. But now he seems to be rather like Stalin. Explicitly arresting thousands of people having nothing to do with the army, although the coup was military - but being just enemies of the system. It looks like stalinism, but just right-wing instead of left-wing. Although... he has support of the people. Doing all this explicitly. In Stalin times there was no free media in the Eastern Europe, showing what the country was actually doing. In Turkey there (still some) are.

The same mechanism is with Brexit, the same mechanism is with PiS winning elections in Poland... Tell people that you will give them money. Many will believe it's just election sausage (is there a proper English term for that? election sausage is how we call it in Poland) and they will get nothing, but even more believe in that, or will at least think - other parties don't say they will give away money, the main opponent party ruling for 8 years until now have only been increasing taxes, this one says it will be giving away 500 zł for each child every month, so let's vote for this one, there is a chance that they don't lie. Now the support of PiS grows even more, because they are actually realizing this promise.

Most people think just about themselves only and in short term. "I will get 500 zł. Not stupid investments, from which there is nothing [yes, because it takes time, but people don't notice that...], I will have pure money in my pocket. For which I can buy something.". And it is how it works.

From what I know, in the Brexit campaign they also used this money trick.

This is how democracy works. People get a task to rule a country, but they don't feel responsible for it. And the main deciding factor is in reality:

Now it's time to invent a better political system. But, supposedly, there is no better political system :(

Communism? In all known cases where it was introduced, it leaded to abuse, which had more or less, on larger or smaller scale, the same effects as now in Turkey (to which pure democracy leaded). And, by the way, communism is also democracy. By another way, it inherently leads to economical crysis.

Monarchia? Dictatorship? One king or a ruler of any other kind might be good, and then it will be defintely better then democracy, but the next one can be terrible and destroy the country.

Who will invent a new better political system, will be a genius.
peterweg 37 | 2,319
20 Jul 2016 #9
They voted for Brexit to stop immigration. They didn't give a damn about the consequences and I doubt the offer of money was relevant.
Marsupial - | 886
20 Jul 2016 #10
Ofcourse the offer of money wasn't relevant there hasn't been any serious fallout yet. That's later when they stop getting orders and when clown boris gets them into strife and a 100 other things. That's if she ever signs the damn thing.
Kostka - | 1
20 Jul 2016 #12
Most of the major city's and surrounds voted to stay in, as my family and I did. All the areas that voted to come out were highly industrialized with full employment before joining the EU. They are now reduced to social security waste lands. They voted out as a protest, but their vote to come out was the wrong one.
Crow 160 | 9,212
20 Jul 2016 #13
time, time
Lyzko 42 | 9,125
20 Jul 2016 #14
Outside the States, perhaps Australia or Canada would seem to me to be the safest "havens" for sufficiently English-speaking Poles, fed up with post-Brexit Britain:-)

Germany?? Once more, sheer madness, unless one's either well-off, already has a firm job offer with a fixed salary, has been called in as a super specialist aka gov't translator, I T specialist or someone with a special skill set, and/or speaks HONESTLY fluent German! Apart from that, it's a waste of time, yours as well as theirs!
Crow 160 | 9,212
13 Jan 2022 #15
Who didn`t move out in time, soon would swim out

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