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Boris Johnson - is the new British PM a popular figure in Poland?

5 Jan 2020 #1
Is Boris Johnson quite popular in Poland? How does he compare with other leaders like say Trump or Salvini
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,159
5 Jan 2020 #2
A better question would be why BJ would care how popular he is in Poland. Or Trump.
mafketis 29 | 9,544
5 Jan 2020 #3
Is Boris Johnson quite popular in Poland?

No. A large percentage of Polish people like to think of the UK as a kind of bugout location, a way to start anew if things go south in Poland (and they don't know or care what UK subjects think of that).

A guy who won a crushing election with the promise of getting Brexit done won't be popular. There's still Ireland but that's not nearly as appealing (too... Irish). There's also a bunch of other countries in western europe but the widespread presence of English in the education system makes the UK the first choice for most (a popular language can also be a burden).
Joker 2 | 1,774
5 Jan 2020 #4
Is Boris Johnson quite popular in Poland?

Here you go:
cms neuf - | 1,585
5 Jan 2020 #5
Among my family (which includes some politically active people from the ruling party); I have never heard anyone actively praise him. Most people are indifferent and the more educated think he is clown and certainly not the equal of Macron and Merkel (which is quite a low bar).

In Polish business circles he is derided, not seen as a serious person and not respected as he clearly had no plan for Brexit when the vote was taken. Brexit is seen as a problem that needs a workaround (and in my line of work that normally means going via Amsterdam but Dublin is a close second)

Rest of the popularion probably does not really care except as it affects there emigration prospects or the lower value of remittances being sent home. His string of kids and marriages doesn't got down well in a conservative country but isn't really discussed.

Mind you there is one Pole who likes him - Kawczynski, a prototype plastic Pole totally out of touch with Poland
6 Jan 2020 #6
@cms neuf
Well I LOVE Boris Johnson
Miloslaw 9 | 2,955
6 Jan 2020 #7
Me too, but most Poles are uninterested.
But at least they have heard of him.
Most Brits,by contrast, have never even heard of Duda.....
NoToForeigners 10 | 1,032
7 Jan 2020 #8
Funniest thing about Boris was leftist media propaganda and manipulation. All major leftard media including The Guardian an Politico were all about how new referendum is needed because Brits have changed their minds about Brexit. Then when reality kicked in we could see that even more sceptics voted against lefitist propaganda. This example clearly shows that leftis media don't chase after facts and truth but they're working for their ill agenda.

But it's ok. To leftards "Democracy" has place only when the outcome of voting is in line with their ideology.
Miloslaw 9 | 2,955
7 Jan 2020 #9

You are bang on target mate :-)
Crow 150 | 9,431
10 Jan 2020 #10
I love Boris. Boris, friend of truth, started leaking facts about Serbian innocence in Srebrenica. So, he seams to be friendly on Polish interests.

Finally somebody with name Boris who love Poland.
14 Jan 2020 #11
"Finally somebody with name Boris who love Poland." - on point 😹
Crow 150 | 9,431
14 Jan 2020 #12
Boris accepts reality. Collaborating with Islamic league in destruction of Yugoslavia, Germany destroyed EU. Now Britain giving up and save itself, France tries to profit from disaster of EU and Germany,... well, Germany made its last mistake.
pawian 178 | 15,928
7 Feb 2020 #13
Is Boris Johnson quite popular in Poland?

When I read comments under articles about Brexit, a lot of participants point to BJ`s alleged Russian ties.

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