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For current and prospective workers. Discuss job opportunities and challenges of Poland's labour market. (page 3)

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What are job opportunities in Poland for a pharmacist from India?
Chemical Engineering Jobs in Poland - Needing Orientation
Sikh coming to Poland with over 14 years experience in Customer Service and running operations
× Question about working on your own in Poland
6 - Bug off, troll. Admin, you can delete this thread....

Worksksks - 25 Jan 2018 DominicB - 25 Jan 2018
I stay in Poland, freelance for UK company, and have a Belarusian passport. How do I get taxed?
Need help to open company & work permit (I am from Pakistan)
Polish Employment Contract Type; permanent and fixed-term position in Poland
4 - It can be available in 1 month...

Workmarslan - 15 Jan 2018 Evsvikash - 19 Mar 2018
The big step: moving to Warsaw and taking everything with me to Poland
Loan / Credit in Poland (on 1600-2000 PLN income)
English speaking Tax accountant in Warsaw
Should I move Wroclaw in 3M as a Rpa lead Developer from India ?
9 - As a girlfriend, none. If you put a ring on it and she comes as a spouse then...

WorkRpa_0111995 - 27 Dec 2017 mafketis - 1 May 2018
Masters in Poland, Work, Residence permit..
How is the job opportunities in Poland for my competencies? I am delivering business coaching services.
Polish citizen with American husband in Poland ~ work ops?  2
55 - Yes, my son speaks 90% polish i have been @ home with him for 2 years so it's great....

Workoczko1993 - 19 Dec 2017 oczko1993 - 21 Dec 2017
Poland's Internships for English Speakers w/ Polish A2
Water purifying system services and airconditioning system services engineer - in Poland?
How can I found job for Hebrew speakers in Poland?
Master's degree and job opportunities in Poland
Cost of living Warsaw, Poland for family of 2+1 (7 month baby)
Is it possible that a Moroccan get a job in Poland?
Salary & cost of living in Warsaw, Poland
29 - You could survive on 100 zloty a day. Live comfortably on 150...

WorkJaz - 24 Nov 2017 cms neuf - 7 Dec 2018
How to get EU Blue card before entering into the Poland
Native English looking for a teaching job in Poland  2  3  4  5
Remote work from Poland to a German company. Polish work permit possibility? EU citizen.
How to earn interest on Euro Account or Deposits?
What are the Tax contribution that a foreigner employee should pay against income/months in PL (excluding PIT)
2 -

WorkNabaP - 25 Oct 2017 dovla - 25 Oct 2017
Doctor in Poland refuses to give sick leave for day earlier
Confused ... 1 yr London Vs Poland Base hiring
30 - On both of those salaries you will be ok as a single guy as long as you don't...

Workthecodergeek - 19 Oct 2017 Chemikiem - 24 Oct 2017
Help me out for getting Work permit in Poland
Is Poland's ZUS obligatory for a one man LLC?
13 - @Frederick Taka You are looking at just over 1400 pln per month for ZUS if you are a one...

WorkTripaloski - 18 Oct 2017 PolAmKrakow - 25 May 2021
Offer of 12k zloty enough in Warsaw?
10 - See above. Not great, not dire....

WorkAltruist - 17 Oct 2017 jon357 - 18 Sep 2018
IT Project Manager Position in Poland
How much salary should I ask for IT Business Analysts in Wroclaw ?
17 - In my opinion you should ask at least 13k zl net....

WorkOzanOz - 9 Oct 2017 LongTermR - 24 Nov 2017
Job in Poland's dolina lotnicza as an aeronautical engineer
Data Analyst Accenture salary in Poland
× Poland - Expat Careers
26 - @cms Great advice, thanks CMS....

WorkSigSauer - 2 Oct 2017 SigSauer - 4 Oct 2017
Jobs on Poland's Karta Pobytu - card valid for my current employer only
Questions about Overseas Resident Applying Flight Attendant Based in Poland
PAT testing electrical equipment in Poland  2
I am being offered 6000 PLN/month. What is the cost of living family of two (Warsaw)? pls advice.
2 - Is that gross or net?...

Worksandeepuow - 11 Sep 2017 jon357 - 11 Sep 2017
Online Poland's visa status
Diary of a Teacher in Poland  2  3  4  5  6  7
Amway Poland - work - salary
18 - Yes. Amway is a scam. And a creepy cult-like one too,...

WorkLili lili lua - 30 Aug 2017 jon357 - 21 Feb 2022
NOC Letter Format to be acquired from Last employer; Poland's D type visa query
2 - @khan001 Here are some examples:

Workkhan001 - 16 Aug 2017 DominicB - 16 Aug 2017
Teaching Mandarin in Poland
Polish employer suggests I have my own company in UK
Business ideas for Poland  2  3
10 Years Exp With Data Warehouse, Machine Learning and Big Data Salary For Krakow
Paramedic salary in Poland  2  3
Need Advice on visa interview at Polish embassy
Relocate to Lodz Poland
Job opportunity for non Polish speaker student
Accountancy problems in Poland
Highest Paying Jobs in Poland?!
Opening a kindergarten / daycare business in Poland
Poland - gift for my boss and coworkers first day in the new job
How much salary required for family of 4 in Poznan to live comfortly
English speaking-Accountant and job in Poland
Working and Living in Wroclaw
Career in Poland - working in finance / investment banking / venture capital / private equity

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