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Studying in Poland - are international students allowed to work?

23 Apr 2013 #1
This is Syed Amir from Karachi Pakistan. I want to let you know that I am going to apply for September session at University of Information Technology and Management located in Rzeszow Poland.

I would like to ask you some questions, please answer!

1. Does international students are allowed to do part time job ?
2. What are the living expenses for a month ?
3. What are the main difficulties that student face after arrival ?
4. Does engilsh easily be spoken in Poland ?

I shall be very thankful for your Cooperation.

Syed Amir.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
23 Apr 2013 #2
1. Does international students are allowed to do part time job ?

10 Nov 2014 #3
Students residing in Poland on the basis of a student visa can work without obtaining a work permit only in July, August and September. If a student resides in Poland on the basis of a temporary residence card issued for the purpose of studying, he/she can work in Poland without a work permit for the whole period of validity of the card.


Amir - did you mange to get study visa?

14 Sep 2015 #4
Merged: Can I apply for jobs with a student Visa?

Hello Everyone,

I'm Anoop. I'm from Mumbai, India and I'm a Marine/Ship engineer by profession. I am starting my Masters in Ocean Engineering in Gdansk soon. I was curious to know if it will be possible for me to look for permanent jobs in the shipping industry there, with a student Visa. If not, any inputs as to how to go about it?

Thanks & Regards,
terri 1 | 1,665
14 Sep 2015 #5
You need to speak Polish. That is a definite.
Any prospective employer has to apply for a work permit and show that no one is qualified or capable of doing the same job.
What do you think chances of that are?
Pashenko 1 | 1
20 Mar 2016 #6
Merged: Are part-time (studia zaoczne) students allowed to work?

Hi there!

I definitely decided to study my masters in Poland (Poznan). I studied in Poland before as an Erasmus student, however, I still don't know many things. I will move to Poland with enough balance for some time (3-4 months, may be a little bit more), but later I'll need financial support. So I want to work. I'm searching for some jobs. Unfortunately, still couldn't find any. I know that NON-EU full-time students can work, however, about PART TIME (STUDIA ZAOCZNE) people tell different things. Can part-time student work in Poland? Besides, I'll be really happy if someone who has a little law knowledge will help me, I have several questions to ask. Just give your contacts or reply and I'll give mine. Thank you in advance!
26 Sep 2016 #7
sarfraz from Pakistan study in poznan university MSC in civil engineering.
Anybody tell me that is there how much internship paid salary.
and is there any chance get construction company job in Poland.
DominicB - | 2,709
26 Sep 2016 #8
Internships are often unpaid, and are very, very hard to come by in civil engineering, even for native Poles. There are no jobs in construction available for international students. Many Polish construction workers and civil engineers go abroad to work, so no employer is going to hire international students for construction.

If you or your family cannot afford to pay for 100% of the costs of your study and stay, then Poland is not the country you should be studying in. Make your plans on the very safe assumption that you will never be able to earn a single penny during your stay in Poland.
jayakumar - | 2
4 Jan 2017 #9
I am jayakumar from India. I have plan to do my master degree in warsaw university poland. i dont have more financial background, so i would like to parttime job. I have strong knowledge in IT software development. I have already 4 years of proffessional experience in web development. I would like to work for poland. kindly give me suggestion. Currently my age is 25. can i get part time job in software development?
DominicB - | 2,709
4 Jan 2017 #10
Probably not. You can only work during the summer vacation, and most employers are not interested in hiring people part-time or for only a couple of months. Make your plans on the assumption that you will never be able to earn a single penny during your stay in Poland. If you need to earn to study, then Poland is not a realistic option for you. If funds are that limited, then studying in India would probably be the best option.
jayakumar - | 2
5 Jan 2017 #11
@DominicB - I am clear with your point. There is some consultancy is promised as they will surely give part time job and also they are saying as very quickly they will apply temporary residence card.. how can i believe this..
DominicB - | 2,709
5 Jan 2017 #12
The "consultancy" is a scam. They are lying. No one can promise anything like that legitimately. They are just trying to take advantage of clueless and desperate poor people. Keep away from them, and all other "consultants". Real recruiters never ask prospective students or employees for money, and never promise anything certain, because they can't. They certainly can't promise things like jobs, visas or residency permits.

Never, ever pay a "consultant" to help you find a job or a place to study, and never, ever believe anyone who promises you things that are too good to be true.
23 Nov 2017 #13
what is the job finding visa in Poland after graduation in Poland university ? how long student can stay in Poland for search of job after graduation ?
DominicB - | 2,709
23 Nov 2017 #14
Where are you from, what are you studying (what degree will you earn and in what), where are you studying and do you speak Polish well?
31 Jan 2019 #15
Hi l want to move to Poland to study for my bachelors degree , will l be allowed to work during my studies
19 Mar 2019 #16
Can Non Eu Student(Pakistani) do part time work in poland during the studying ?
Beejay - | 1
25 Oct 2020 #18

Enquiry on jobs for Foreign masters student.

Can a foreign student work in Poland ?.
what state can one settle in easily with cheap accommodation and better job?

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