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NFZ and contributions and a FINE!? Working as a teacher in Poland.

Pushbike 2 | 58
7 May 2012 #1
I've been working here as a teacher for 18 months with umowa o dzielo and a private health insurance policy. I decided I wanted to make NFZ contributions but have told I'll have to pay a fine. I had no idea about this. Is it true?
Looker - | 1,114
12 Nov 2014 #2
Interesting. What kind of fine? They had to give some reasons for this. You shouldn't have to pay any fine during the insurance policy exchange process (as far I know). Although everything is possible when you deal with ZUS..
Monitor 14 | 1,820
12 Nov 2014 #3
Yes. It's like that in Germany too. The way to go around it is to get employed for some time. Employers don't pay fine. After being insured as employee you can get insure privately for free.
Bikerjenko 2 | 28
17 Apr 2015 #4
I pay my own health insurance and did not have to pay a fine, I started paying when my NHS cover finished, if you were previously working in the UK you would have been covered by the NHS for a period in Poland.

The period varies depending on your N.I. payments in the UK
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
13 Jan 2021 #5
Is it true?

Yes, it's true. You must pay for periods where you haven't been covered by health insurance if you choose to voluntarily join the NFZ system.
rtfm 1 | 63
14 Jan 2021 #6
That's interesting. What constitutes not being covered though? I have a policy for emergencies which covers my statutory minimum health insurance requirements while my nfz/s1 saga drags on seemingly indefinitely but I don't get routine health care with it.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
14 Jan 2021 #7
What constitutes not being covered though?

Basically, you need to prove to the NFZ that you've been covered under a public or (fully comprehensive private) health insurance system. Your minimum policy isn't enough - it needs to be something equal to what the NFZ offers.
rtfm 1 | 63
14 Jan 2021 #8
ok thanks. I look forward to my fine then lol. Shame you can't just bribe your way through red tape any more.

I'm resisting making jokes about what the NFZ offers though :-)
dolnoslask 6 | 3,070
14 Jan 2021 #9
way through red tape .

Get employed in Poland for one month then apply to pay voluntary contributions to NFZ then there is no penalty

I am sure you could find someone to help you with that.
rtfm 1 | 63
14 Jan 2021 #10
I like that idea only I already have a full time job in the UK for which I'm working remotely here in Poland. I can imagine a world of extra fines if I get caught doing dodgy pretend jobs for discount healthcare.

It is somewhat funny though that I am stopped from making voluntary payments by the nfz and then eventually when I can register I will be fined for not paying for the services I wasn't able to use.
Strzelec35 36 | 1,518
14 Jan 2021 #11
or you can just declare unemployment wnd lie to the unemployment office and theyll give you free health insurance.

"Shame you can't just bribe your way through red tape any more."

are you sur about that? hoShame you can't just bribe your way through red tape any more.mwould you know they wont tak bribes unless you try? if thy will in serbia ukraine and belarus hy wouldnt they in wuch a backward country as poland?

Home / Work / NFZ and contributions and a FINE!? Working as a teacher in Poland.
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