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How much is the average living cost in Poland for foreign student?

wani 1 | 3
23 Aug 2011 #1
heard that living cost in poland is high. is it true? food, transportation, medical treatment, house rent, groceries, etc. Which is the most highest price compared to other country?
gumishu 13 | 6,134
23 Aug 2011 #2
depends on the city - accomodation is the biggest expense - basic Polish foods are pretty cheap - so is transportation in most cities (Warsaw is the most expenisve city accomodation and commuting wise)
delphiandomine 88 | 18,177
23 Aug 2011 #3
and commuting wise

To be honest, on public transport, there's not much difference - all the major cities are around 80-90zl a month for a ticket. And interestingly - while Warsaw is more expensive for a monthly ticket, it's much cheaper for a 3 month ticket than Poznan.

(although - I see they've put the prices up recently, bastards - the previous day ticket price was a great deal)
24 Aug 2011 #4
I have recently visited Warsaw for few days and found very interesting. I have met few Universities & students who are working there. From the conversation, I found that student can live there with 200-300 Euro for accommodation (shared), food & transportation. Student can get part-time job also.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,177
24 Aug 2011 #5
Student can get part-time job also.

There are no part-time jobs for foreign students in Warsaw.
23 Nov 2013 #6
I think Poland living and accommodation cost is so high , but here currency rate is low,
DominicB - | 2,707
23 Nov 2013 #7
For a foreign student residing in Poland, that's going to be closer to 400 to 500 Euro. There are essentially no part-time jobs for foreign students. Make your plans on the assumption that you will not be able to find work, even during the summer.

Also, degrees from private universities are generally worthless, and degrees from public university for courses taught in English are generally worth much, either. You're better off studying in the UK, especially as a Malaysian. At least you'll get a degree that means something on the job market back home.
31 May 2014 #8
No, Poland is not so expensive. You need to have aprx. 150-200 Euro to live there without any problem. Only a few things, i.e. Extension of Visa, Insurance Renewal etc requires additional cost.
jon357 74 | 21,935
31 May 2014 #9
150-200 Euro to live there without any problem

That isn't very much to survive on if you have to pay for somewhere to sleep and public transport.
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
31 May 2014 #10
No, Poland is not so expensive. You need to have aprx. 150-200 Euro to live there without any problem.

I doubt it. In the shi1hole like Olsztyn they ask for 120 euro pcm for room. Food costs another min. 120 euro pcm. All red buses (in the city area only excl suburbs) 26 euro pcm.
31 May 2014 #11
Just a room (in a rubbish flat in a bad area) in Warsaw is going to cost you 150 euro per month.
Monitor 14 | 1,818
2 Jun 2014 #12
150-200 Euro.

That should be enough to survive in all towns below 60 000 citizens. Room, self cooking, no public transport needed.
Maluch 30 | 95
2 Jun 2014 #13
i spent about 6000zl a month last summer but then again I was drinking about 150zl a day at the bars ;) Wine, women and song will quickly drain your bank account in PL...

realistic budget about 500zl / month for a room + 1000zl or more to live comfortably

so yeah about 400-500euros should be sufficient

*edit* and as others have mentioned - no point working here, student jobs pay a pittance - try about 2 euros an hour. not even worth your time
9 Nov 2014 #14
Hey, guys.

I have been offered to do voluntary work in Warsaw. I'll get free accommodation and transportation tickets plus 185 euros for food and other expenses. Is that enough for a modest living given the fact that it's the capital and the most expensive city in Poland?
gumishu 13 | 6,134
9 Nov 2014 #15
185 euros for food and other expenses.

185 euros for food should be enough if you prepare most of your food yourselves - there used to be places called milk bars- bar mleczny (not to confuse with sweets) where cheap meals (mostly meatless) were served but I have no idea if these are still around (they were subsidised) - food is not more expensive in Warsaw if you buy from chain stores like Biedronka or Lidl - you should be able to afford a night (or a couple - depending on how much you are going to spend) out a month for this money too
jon357 74 | 21,935
9 Nov 2014 #16
I have no idea if these are still around (they were subsidised)

Yes, there are even new ones. They still get the same tax rebate.

185 euros for food should be enough

This is really not much though - poverty wages.
9 Nov 2014 #17
This is really not much though - poverty wages.

Seriously? 1000 zl not much for food? For one person? I can easily cook a dinner for 3 for 20 zl. I wonder how many ppl in Poland would say 1000 zl in not much for food. It's 33 zl a day. which means that he could eat 3 meals a day in a cheap place.
Cardno85 31 | 976
9 Nov 2014 #18
Yes, but you are forgetting socialising, which is expensive!
9 Nov 2014 #19
True, it's not cheap but I didn't know the rest of the students robbed a bank...
In my times students mostly partied in dorms and illegaly in the fresh air. and with pubs and clubs- we went quite often were it was cheap. He can check up university meals, monthly tickets for meals in the milk bar and so on. Most students in Poland have a decission to make- eat cheaply or not party. Of course if he wants restaurants, posh clothes and nice lifestyle- he won't get it.

And I don't agree part time job is not worth it- if he get's even extra 200 that he can spend on whatever he wants- including extra nights out.
10 Nov 2014 #20
Thank you everyone for replying.
I appreciate it.
Well, I don't plan on going out that much often. Though, I would like to be able to visit other cities like Wroclaw, Krakow etc.
gumishu 13 | 6,134
10 Nov 2014 #21
trains in Poland are quite cheap - the travel from Warsaw to Kraków can cost you as little as 60 PLN (zloty) - you can book online here
- there are also some weekend offers

bus connection is even cheaper but takes longer
jon357 74 | 21,935
10 Nov 2014 #22
I can easily cook a dinner for 3 for 20 zl

So can I - in fact for much less, but I wouldn't want to do that daily or even often.

for food

And for all the rest, plus travel, any clothes that she wants/needs to buy, a decent restaurant every now and again, or in fact anything else.

The poster doesn't say she's a student. If she is, she may well be happy living like one. If not, she may well want a bit more comfort.
gumishu 13 | 6,134
10 Nov 2014 #23
plus travel

she said she is going to be provided with travel expenses within Warsaw
jon357 74 | 21,935
10 Nov 2014 #24
Yes, I did see that. I was thinking more about going away for the weekend or longer, visits back to wherever she's from - these things can get very expensive. Cheap mini break is very possible, but a comfortable one is better. I've done both and know which I prefer.

So to answer her question about whether it's enough to live on, then yes, just about. Is it enough to live well? No, unless you want to live in a city with great restaurants and bars but not be able to go in them if you also want to fly back to see your family or take a short holiday and if you don't mind night buses instead of taxis.

If she doesn't mind living like a student, it's possible, but still not comfortable.

1000 zl not much for food? For one person?

Looking at it, it's actually about 760 zl a month, say 750 for maths' sake. Meaning 187 zl a week to buy not just food but anything else that you need to spend on day to day, a little something for unforeseen expenditures, entertainment, clothing, mobile phone top-up, hairdresser, toiletries and cosmetics, ladies' products etc (assuming Niki is a lady).

As I say, possible, but barely so and only with a bit of skill. Forget the weekends away.
11 Nov 2014 #25
Yes, I'm a girl.
I have already got used to the fact that I will live a modest life there (if I accept the offer). And, I don't think I will buy clothes and other expensive commodities. All I need to know is that that money will be enough for decent food and hygiene products. I haven't thought of unforeseen costs, like doctor's appointment, blood tests.

I will have health insurance.
So, how much do you pay for a blood test and urinalysis?
gumishu 13 | 6,134
11 Nov 2014 #26
So, how much do you pay for a blood test and urinalysis?

basic blood tests (so called morphology) is lower than 20 zł, basic urine analysis circa 10 PLN - there are however plenty of specialised blood and urine tests and these can be quite expensive (even 40 PLN for a single blood test)
Monitor 14 | 1,818
11 Nov 2014 #27
If you want to visit Poland cheap and you don't have student card which gives 50% discount for trains, then book ticket 1-2 months in advance. Prices start from 5-20zł and buses are clean and secure.
29 Dec 2014 #28
Hi! I`m coming in Warsaw at the beginning of February as a foreign student. I will have 380euros/month. Do you think it would be enough for food, etc? I have an accommodation.
22 Jan 2015 #29
Hi guys.
I've been offered to do some voluntary work in Warsaw and stay for 5 weeks, except accommodation, how much money do you think I'll need for food and sightseeing and spending some nights out?
DominicB - | 2,707
22 Jan 2015 #30
How many apples can fit in a bag?

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