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What is the cost of living per month for a single expat in Warsaw?

ishtan 1 | 1
1 Oct 2013 #1
Hi All,

What is the cost of living per month for a single expat in Warsaw from India. Considering I do not drink and don't go to pubs, will cook by myself, will rent 1 room apartment (studio apartment) and with basic lifestyle.

Please provide some realistic numbers to decide if I should at all move to Warsaw:
1. Apartment rent
2. Public transportation (monthly pass)
3. Vegetables and chicken (monthly)
4. Grocery (monthly)

Again, what are the types of deductions from salary like tax and all, and what percent each one is.

Please help me with some realistic numbers so that I can decide whether to relocate to Warsaw, Poland or not.

Thanks in advance
2 Oct 2013 #2
3000 PLN per month, including everything, may be a good figure to live an ok life in Warsaw.
2 Oct 2013 #3
Given that you need to pay at least 1800zl for a one-bed apartment in central Warsaw, no 3000zl is not a good amount for an OK life in Warsaw.

To the OP, please have a search: there are several threads here about your questions. But of course please feel welcome to ask again if anything is unclear or you have questions which haven't been answered here recently.
Nile 1 | 154
2 Oct 2013 #4
Given that you need to pay at least 1800zl for a one-bed apartment in central Warsaw,

Is there a cheaper option?
2 Oct 2013 #5
Live further out or share a flat.
4 Mar 2014 #6
Merged: Cost of living in Warsaw? Renting a place.

Hi guys, I'm a college student and I just got a job offer working in Warsaw during the summer.

The salary is 4200 zl a month plus I will recieve around 2500 zl to cover moving costs.
I have no idea of the cost of living in Warsaw, so I was wondering if you guys could help me.

Is this amount enough to get me by? All food(breakfast+lunch+dinner) for Monday to Friday will be covered by the company. How much will it cost roughly/ what areas should I consider if I will be working in the Warsaw Financial Center, which I think is in the city centre(correct me if I'm wrong)?

I would probably rather living somewhere close, since I don't speak Polish and would probably find it hard to get around the city. But if the cost of living near the workplace outweighs the cost of living further+travel costs, I could deal with that..

Are there any places you can rent that are like student accommodation(i.e. you share an apartament with 1-2 people and utilities are included)?

Also, I fluent in both English and Russian, which would be easier to get by with if I don't quite manage to master Polish by June?

Thanks in advance!
krecik89 3 | 60
4 Mar 2014 #7
Try gumtree to look for houseshares or there are also some Warsaw groups on facebook where people advertise rooms. The money's OK for basic living and going out if you're sharing. You may find someone with a spare room in the centre. You may not have a lot of choice for such a short period so just focus on anywhere a few kms around the centre.

English will be the best. With your fluent Russian, you should pick up some decent Polish quickly if you have around 10 hours of lessons. The grammar's very similar and many base verbs.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
5 Mar 2014 #8
The easiest is to rent through: but it costs around two times more than renting in traditional way. You can find apartments adds here: ie+warszawa/c9008. I don't know how successful you can be when doing it from abroad. I agree with krecik89 about the language. About the salary it's ok to live, but too little to save substantial amount.
8 Sep 2015 #9
Merged: Expenses in Warsaw

I have been offered a salary of 90000 polish zloty(annually) in Warsaw, will it be sufficient to live a good life in Warsaw with some savings(30000-40000 polish zloty anually)?
jon357 67 | 17,530
8 Sep 2015 #10
Is that net or gross?
terri 1 | 1,665
8 Sep 2015 #11
90,000 pln is about 7,500 per month. If this is gross it is OK, but nothing to write home about. If this is net - you've struck lucky.

Depends on your definition of the word 'GOOD LIFE' - ...
jon357 67 | 17,530
8 Sep 2015 #12
This is the key, Terri. The big question is what he expects in terms of accommodation, going out, clothes etc.
WielkiPolak 58 | 1,024
8 Sep 2015 #13
90,000 pln is about 7,500 per month.

Really you can only live an 'ok' life earning 7500 złotys per month? That shocks me. Most people don't get anywhere near that.
jon357 67 | 17,530
8 Sep 2015 #14
In Warsaw the median salary id]s 4 something - that includes wages for the very young and people in very basic low-paid jobs. Remember someone on 4000 would not be well off at all, especially if they have a family to support. You wouldn't really find that many places to rent that are worth living in with a family and are easily commutable from for under 2000 - in fact thousands of people travel in from cheaper smaller towns and/or are overcrowded with not enough rooms (often someone has to sleep in the living room of their flat).

A lot of people depend on credit, have support from their families and/or have to live very carefully indeed.

For a single person like the OP, 4000 still wouldn't be great even if he tolerates a room in a shared flat or a long travel to work. 7500 (especially if net) is much better - that's just about comfortable but very far from well-off.
rajkumarmrk - | 1
18 Apr 2017 #15
[moved from]


I am(single) travelling to Poland from India next month and will be staying in Warsaw for next 7 to 8 months at least. How about the cost of living in warsaw?
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
18 Apr 2017 #16
Food minimum 600zł, room 800zł, flat 2500zł, bus 5zł
maltinka 1 | 14
27 May 2018 #17

warsaw cost of living SINGLE person 2018

hi guys, so ive decided im defo coming to WARSAW and am looking through a few job offers. i really want one of the jobs, the pay will be around 5500zl net plus medical and paid holidays etc. also i will have meals provided so it cuts down on grocery costs........just looking for some reassurance that this is a reasonable amount for a city like warsaw. what kind of life style can i expect on that salary? can i eat out? save money? have a social life? thanks

I think i will work in mokotow area but want to live in praga or saska kepa.....i will bicycle or take public transit...will this be a long commute? cheers.
Cumi - | 1
14 May 2020 #18

Is 7333 PLN basic per month....a reasonable salary in Warsaw? Im single and 29 year old asian

Is 7333 PLN basic per month....a reasonable salary in Warsaw? Im single and 29 year old asian
jon357 67 | 17,530
14 May 2020 #19
Net or gross? Net, it's a good salary. Gross, it's around the median. For a 29 year old, it's a decent salary.

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