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Asking cost of living in Poland

Sandhya_madhan 1 | 1
8 May 2018 #1
Hello everyone, my husband got a job offer in polpharma Poland and around 2500-3000 euro salary offer. My question is how Much will be the tax. And how much will be t expense for a single person?. If spouse and 3year old kid then how much will be the expense. Kindly give answer for all my questions. Expense means like rent and Indian style food etc. Medium lifestyle. Thanks in advance
Arja - | 1
8 May 2018 #2

Generally 2500 euro this is really a lot in Poland, average salary was 1160 euro in 2017 but many people earn 400-600 euro per month.

For an 2/3 bedroom, renovated apartment you may pay 500-800 euro + utilities around 100 euro + TV and Internet 30 euro but look for an apartment where this is included

I can't say nothing about Indian style food but generally when you eat at home you may spend 10-15 euro pay day per person, lunch in a restaurant 5 euro if cheap, 10 euro in better restaurants. This is my point of viev.

Clothes and electronic equipments are quite expensive in Poland.

I found also some data for a family with 2 children (cost of living for an average standard in Poland):

Renting a flat - 320 euro
Food - 420 euro
Transport - min 100 euro
Clothes - 125 euro
Education (children) - 50 euro
Other needs - 100 euro

Summarizing, spending 50-60% of this salary you will be living in quite good standard of a flat and food, and still have a lot of money for entertainment, car, travels, electronic equipments and savings.

I don't give you prices for one, because every family should be together ;)

I hope it was helpful.
OP Sandhya_madhan 1 | 1
8 May 2018 #3
Thank you so much for the info. So thoughtful. I also need to know about all the deductions which will come in to play persay income tax, social security, retirals etc. One of the aim of travelling abroad for work is saving, it would be helpful for me to calculate how much I would be able to save if I know the basic deductions. Kindly give an outlook of how much percentage of deduction I have to bear
9 May 2018 #4
Got to:
Enter your monthly gross salary (in PLN) in "Wysokość wynagrodzenia".
Leave all other settings as they are.
Click on "Dodaj do miesiecy".
Click on "Oblicz".
Column "Netto" show what you get to your bank account.
hyderabad53 - | 3
10 Jun 2018 #5

How much would it cost to survival for 1 year in Poland?

Want to stay in poland for 1 year i just want to know how much does it cost
10 Jun 2018 #6
Without providing more information no-one can help you.
Whereabouts in Poland will you be living? Have you got a job or offer of one?
Are you single or bringing family with you? Etc etc

Have a look at this as a guide: numbeo/cost-of-living/country_result.jsp?country=Poland
LJBialy - | 2
27 Mar 2020 #7

Cost of Living

Dzien Dobry!
I'm from the US was hoping to get some help understanding the cost of living in Poland.

I've just bought a house in the countryside near Kielce. I'm moving in later this year.

So we'll have no rent or mortgage to pay, just utilities, groceries and living. We are a family of 5.

What kind of salary should I be looking for?
Thanks in advance!
Atch 17 | 3,707
27 Mar 2020 #8
Have to be honest, you really should have found out about the cost of living before buying a house!

As to salary, that depends on your profession, your qualifcations and experience and how fluent your Polish is. As for family of five, does that mean you have three children? How old are they, do they speak Polish,are you planning on private school or state school for them?
LJBialy - | 2
27 Mar 2020 #9
Haha we know enough! Just trying to get more specific..

Yes 3 children, but they'll children be educated from home by my wife. And they'll play sport and dance in Kielce.

In the US I've earned my living as a Pastry Chef, but most recently as a small farmer selling mushrooms at food markets and to restaurants.

I am also open to other work though, I started out in disability care so there is a few options.

My Polish is ok, but I'll be learning very fast!
Atch 17 | 3,707
27 Mar 2020 #10
children be educated from home by my wife

May I ask why?

Take a look here. This site gives pretty accurate information. Bear in mind that while certain items in Poland are comparatively inexpensive, prices of things like clothes, electronics, phones,computers etc are the same as western Europe and when you're getting a local Polish salary, you'll feel the pain!

Also take a look at job sites like this one to get an idea of salaries and job offers:
DominicB - | 2,709
27 Mar 2020 #11
I am also open to other work though, I started out in disability care so there is a few options.

So you bought a house even though you have no concrete or viable plan to support yourself, and essentially nothing to offer on the Polish job market, especially in Kielce? With three kids and a wife to support, as well? Whatever were you thinking?

You should have nailed down a steady, reliable and adequate source of income before deciding to move to Poland and buying a house there. It might be impossible now, if it ever was possible.

Sorry, but going from what you have written, I don't see much hope. Perhaps there's something you haven't written that might convince me that this is more than an utterly harebrained scheme that doomed to fail?
jon357 71 | 20,799
27 Mar 2020 #12
Kielce is far from being one of the most affluent places in Poland. High joblessness and very visible poverty among other issues. A nice place to visit though.

Did you spend much time in the Kielecki region, scoping out possibilities?
pawian 200 | 21,635
27 Mar 2020 #13
Also, they still bear the stigma of the Jewish pogrom from 1946.

A nice place to visit though.

E.g, the pogrom site:

jon357 71 | 20,799
27 Mar 2020 #14
E.g, the pogrom site:

I was thinking more of the Bishop's Palace, the Regional House of Culture (WDK: amazing building) and that theatre/arts centre in the old factory. Some nice places to eat too. All expensive though if you haven't got an income.

I'm still curious about how much time the OP has spent in and around Kielce.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
27 Mar 2020 #15
but they'll children be educated from home by my wife

Home Schooling in Poland is strictly regulated - you're required to be under the supervision of a school, which then conducts yearly exams to prove that the children are learning the mandatory school programme.

Many, many children fail, and when they do, they're obliged to return to mainstream schooling.
Am76 1 | 5
8 Nov 2021 #16

Living cost, Work ethics

Hello Everyone,

I got job in Gdansk with gross pay 24K PLN. can some please let me know the income tax percentage, cost of living for one person and work ethics there. I also want to the availability of Indian/Pakistani food in Gdansk and the Muslim community.

gumishu 13 | 6,064
8 Nov 2021 #17
gross pay 24K PLN.

gross pay will be around 15K PLN (the calculation of the tax is not straightforward in Poland and if I tried to sum it up in one sentence it would be a very long sentence)

- there is a mosque in Gdańsk - according to the search there are a couple of shops in Gdańsk that provide Indian products (I'm not from Gdańsk) - there are also a couple of Indian (or Indian themed) restaurants there

- appartment rent (for a smallish place) is around 2000 PLN a month (excluding the bills) - rent for studio flats is not much lower than that of 2 room appartments (two room apparments means a flat with a kitchen (or a kitchenspace),a bathroom and two other rooms)

-Gdańsk has pretty good (and pretty cheap) public transportation - I can't give you approximate sums for your daily expenses (think groceries) (my guess would be singificantly less than 1000 PLN per month assuming you don't eat out often)

anyway gross 24K PLN per month is a very good salary - you would be able to save quite a lot if you are single and not spendthrifty
Am76 1 | 5
8 Nov 2021 #18
Thank you so much for detailed response. I appreciate it. Can you please share any document of link which help me to understand the taxation rues in Poland

jon357 71 | 20,799
8 Nov 2021 #19
I also want to the availability of Indian/Pakistani food in Gdansk

Not great, however the ingredients exist. The basic spices like jeera and dania are available. The vegetables may differ from what you are used to however what is on sale in the supermarkets is good. Halal meat is rarer (but available) and there is a lot of very good fish.

the Muslim community.

It exists; there are mosques in the Tri-city. These two organisations (one for the local Tatar Muslims, one for people who've come from abroad) may be useful for you.

please share any document of link which help me to understand the taxation rues in Poland

This may help you:
gumishu 13 | 6,064
8 Nov 2021 #20
gross pay 24K PLN.

gross pay will be around 15K PLN

I'm sorry it shoud have read = net pay ie if you are going to earn 24K PLN a month gross you will receive 15K net - sorry if I mislead you

I haven't found any good sources in English and this Polish site is quite complicated so you probably would have a lot of trouble figuring it out with google translate:
Am76 1 | 5
9 Nov 2021 #21
gumishu Thank you for the nice sharing at least it gave me an idea about taxation process
Udaya 2 | 10
7 Jan 2022 #22

Salary of 8000 gross is good in Poland?

Is 8000 Pln gross is good enough for small family?
Alien 12 | 2,701
7 Jan 2022 #23
Salary of 10000 Pln gross is better in Poland.

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