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MBA IN FINANCE. How to do my masters and work in Poland?

Justice25 2 | 1
30 Nov 2011 #1
I hold a visa in Poland please can i do my masters in Poland at a cheaper a Ghanian and what university is lineant to cheaper tuition fees n part time MBA IN FINANCE.thanks for your reply.i hold a degree in Humanities so what type of job can i get please.
kritika sharma
18 Aug 2013 #2
can i get job during study is the polish language is necessary for a job i listen that there is unemployment in poland can i move to germany after my study which formalities should be complete to get work permit in germany which currency is leading in poland
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
18 Aug 2013 #3
No, you can't move to Germany after your studies.

Yes, the Polish language is required and there are no jobs for you here.
13 Sep 2013 #4
hi, there are jobs for you in Poland provided you master the local language. it is enough. technical expertise comes after that.
26 Feb 2020 #5

Masters in business and finance management

Hi guys,

I did apply for the Masters, Business and finance management, and had a question about an interview, they told me it will be through Skype, but I didnt not understand what they will ask about during interview? The main reason why am I so concerned about it is that I did my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, and wondering how much of knowledge of Finance I should have for the interview? Is there anyone who had such interviews?

Thanks in advance!

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