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Average earnings and cost of living in Warsaw?

27 Jul 2015 #31
he difference is that accepting that job you've to relocate in the more expensive Poland and live there, with the expenses of that country.

And let's not write BS, I'm in IT too and in international companies there are indians ukrainians and such making 8k net a month, and they're senior developers not executives.

It's all about negotiating, and "3rd world standards" are not applicable in Poland simply because isn't really an expat friendly country on that side, foreigners from whatever country will always spend more money than locals due to not having relatives in the country and not owning an house, that are some of the reaspons for low wages and high rental fees in Poland.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
27 Jul 2015 #32
@Krzechu: "there are Indians and Ukrainians...." so it means "some" and "some" does not mean "all" or even "most of" ;). Some may but alot more do not. Said employer offering 2,700 bases his offer on concrete facts. Salaries are based upon a lot of factors and it's not because Jacek gets X that Piotr won't get Y. Besides the negotiating ability, first of all one needs to consider the education, the skills, the experience (and where?) and also personal skills that are not countable.
Stalin chayon - | 2
8 Mar 2016 #33
Watching all comments above, it feels like all people of Poland are poor, and every one is struggling to live their live, is it really that bad guys ?
porky pok 2 | 127
8 Mar 2016 #34
People do have shoes and dont live on the streets like in Bangladesh.Dont forget its an EU country and to get visa is hard.
8 Mar 2016 #35
I think you're being a bit flippant, Poland is a pseudo EU country with barely 38 million people. It struggles with even out of season rainfall or rising river levels from excess rain in the mountains.

Poland would never qualify as a 1st world country.
You don't need shoes to survive in Bangladesh.
Remove even a Polak's shoes, and you have even a far worse situation than the one in Bangladesh.
Stalin chayon - | 2
15 Mar 2016 #36
porky pok, I didn't mean to insult Poland or polish people... I was just curious to know about the situation. Because most of the time you guys say that, job in Poland is one hard nut to crack and you are not even happy with the salary. You don't need to react like that.
30 Oct 2016 #37
Merged: Warsaw cost of Living

We are a family of 3 moving to Warsaw next year. My company will pay accommodation and school fees. After tax, I will get 14000 PLN in my pocket per month. We live quite a normal modest life. I would like to know what the approximate savings potential will be on that per month? Any feedback would be much appretiated!
Harry84 1 | 80
30 Oct 2016 #38

it's very good salary after tax, here education is very costly if you plan to put on private school but in your case company sponsor which is very good.

are you planned to move to warsaw ?

30 Oct 2016 #39
Yes, we are moving to Warsaw.
30 Oct 2016 #40
@RD4622 you may potentially save nearly 11k pm..
As all major exp are being spon by your company.. which sector/role are you being employed?
hercul - | 1
15 Jun 2021 #41

Job offer and cost of living Warsaw

Hi guys,

I got a job offer from Warsaw. Its 5250 PLN gross per a month.
I wonder is this enough for decent life in Warsaw ? Single room, cinema, nightlife....
I have some benefits in offer like a medical insurance, meal discount, fitness pass....
Can i get more info on
cost of living and situation in Warsaw. Thanks
pawian 187 | 17,522
16 Jun 2021 #42
I wonder is this enough for decent life in Warsaw ?

It is just enough for a decent life but you won`t put much money aside.

Single room

You mean a bedsit or studio flat? Coz both are very cheap now when non-resident uni students have stayed at their family homes during online education. You can rent a nice studio for 1500 plus utilities.

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