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The most popular job (and not only) advertising sites in Poland?

21 May 2015 #31
What is the salary bracket of Progress professionals with 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 years of experience in Poland.
eva4u - | 1
9 Nov 2015 #32
Merged: How to get a job in Poznan, Poland without Polish language? I have worked as a locksmith.

My name is Evarest. I just came across this site while searching on how to get job in Poland. I presently living in Poznan. I dont know how i can search for work, I mean the sites or the areas to go to look for job. Though i dont speak polish yet but i believe there is some works that do not require language. I was in Greece for 5 years, i have worked as locksmith, fitting of keys in new doors and windows and assisting in fitting new doors and windows. I also worked in auto parts company, loading containers. Please I really need any assistant i can get. Thanks
20 Nov 2015 #33
hello every hope you all well..we want to post the job advertisment for fashion show for please suggest the very useful site which use the polish people then we post our adv.and its must be free..

hope can get good response.
21 Dec 2015 #34

international broker opening its doors in krakow and looking to recruit new employees
please advice witch is the best place to post job offering in poland

GalibJamal - | 1
31 Dec 2015 #35
Merged: .Net Developer / Job posting website

I came to know there lot of IT job market boom in Poland and many aspiring IT professional available in Poland.

I am searching candidates for role .NET developer for the office in Prague (Czech Republic).

Could tell me which would best forum or job site to advertisement in Poland?
12 Jan 2016 #36
We are Exhibition Co. in Dubai looking for Experienced Business Development Manager in Poland to reach out to Poland & other european countries. where can we easily advertised
companity - | 1
9 Jul 2016 #37
Merged: Where to post job posts - looking for developers in Poland

we have a small software development team in Wroclaw and I would like to hire another Ruby developer for our team. Any recommendations where I should post the job post ?

thanks for your help
JuniperBridge - | 2
12 Aug 2016 #38
Merged: Hiring a PHP developer

I am looking to hire a PHP developer from Poland to come to the UK to work. Where is the best place to advertise and how should I go about this.
29 Nov 2016 #39
careers in poland .com
Alexs88 1 | 3
27 Jan 2017 #40

Where to find job seekers online ? (I have work for people and look for employees)

dobry dzieƄ,

I am looking for a local polish person who is able to speak and write in English and Polish. (basic)

that's all I need from my short term worker.

where can I find english/polish speaking job seekers online ?

I tried gumtree but nobody responds if I write them in english.
27 Jan 2017 #41
Hi Alex,

Where are you based?
Alexs88 1 | 3
27 Jan 2017 #42
I am looking for a person in krakow.
if you are not from krakow I have a different task which can be done online.
Alexs88 1 | 3
1 Feb 2017 #43

Where to find job seekers in Warsaw ?

where can I find people online who are looking for a short term job?

Its a couple small tasks but I am having a hard time
finding bilingual people (polish/english) on gumtree/...

anyone knows where to find bilingual short term job seekers in warsaw?
5 Mar 2017 #44
Hello ....I would like to know what is the best advertising site where I should go , to advertise my collection of World War 2 Polish Prisoner of War Stamps...They are at a online auction house and are in auction for another week...Thank You
CareerInflectio n
17 May 2017 #45
Looking for Finance & Accounts [F&A] professionals for a 3 months contract in Krakow. Which are good , free job posting sites in Poland?
aminejohnpaul - | 1
24 May 2017 #46
hello .
looking for some speak polska , is a job in marrakech morroco where you will receive calls and email that you have to treat for the customer care of the loyalty program of one of the biggest hotels brands in the world , the situation of the company is in Marrakesh , they propose 13000 DHS and Indeterminate contract , you will work 44 hours in the week and two days off . i m working with them with my dutch language , i have the similar salaries as the Russia , and Poland languages . of course if you are interested , you can call me on my number : +212682322136 or send me email to : am.chiguer@gmail

thank you
best regards
ichte - | 1
30 May 2017 #47

Online work / job portal


Are there any good websites for posting work / job offers for no fee?
Posting in English would be great for the job offer :)
asia model
1 Feb 2018 #48
we start our new project for photo shoot and catwalk in Warsaw from 28th feb 2018.
salary:$150 per day.
10 days project.
only for female.
need 20 female model in this project.
university and college student encouraged to apply.
age limit:16years to 55 years.
interested please send us latest pictures and resume to
5 Feb 2018 #49

We are a UK based company who are launching a nursing division, bring European candidates over to the UK. I am looking to advertise in Poland and I was wondering if anyone could let me know what job boards would be best for us to use and if there any good forums we could go on?

Thanks in advance for your help
kaprys 3 | 2,242
5 Feb 2018 #50 and jobrapido

You may also try Gumtree
Cathy 1970
11 Apr 2018 #51
Hi I want to advertise a job in Poland for Ireland and can provide accommodation for the right person what is the best site to do this? Thank you in advance
13 Apr 2018 #52

Internet portal in Poland for submitting demands /orders/

We are going to open a new branch office in Poland and I am just wondering if there is any internet portal where a company can submit some demands like "We are looking for some service or goods". We used similar service in Czech Republic ( and it helped us a lot.

thanks for help !
20 Sep 2018 #53
We invite you to visit new website classified in poland. You can publish your add for free.
4 Dec 2018 #54
Harwood Engineering are looking for refractory Bricklayers to work in the UK on a 4 month project starting 2nd January 2019.
please apply to with Cv and certificates and work details
23 Dec 2021 #55
Here is the biggest list of free candidates sources in Poland:

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