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How much Father Christmas earns in Poland

sobieski 107 | 2,128
8 Dec 2013 #1
Maybe for a change a lighter-hearted item (comes from Metro, picked it up on the way to work Friday - and yes Iron, I read it myself without the aid of my wife)

It is about how much Santas earn in Poland.
Santa stalking around in the shopping centres: From 20 PLN to 50 PLN per hour. 20 if you have a Santa costume and fake white beard. 50 if you have a convincing deep "ho, ho, ho" voice. So a 40-hour working week can you earn you up to 2000 PLN.

House visits, distributing presents: It depends how Santa looks like, the more authentic to the Lapland guy, the more you earn. A 30-minute home visit goes from 120-180 in Poznań, 100-250 in Warsaw, 30-270 in Kraków.

Santa attending company events: For a 60-minute "visit" it goes from 150 PLN (Zielona Góra) to 300 PLN (Warsaw) , Scope ranges from distributing presents to rewarding the best employees.

Santa in the possession of a real belly and beard on house visits: From 170 PLN for 1,5 hour. Goes to 250 PLN if Santa has musical gifts

English-speaking Santa: Hired by companies who have a lot of non-Polish speaking employees. 250-300 PLN for 0,5 hour

Santa on a house visit on a sleigh pulled by rendeers (could be hard in a city I think); 1300 PLN for 1,5 hour.

Maybe I picked the wrong job :)
antheads 13 | 366
8 Dec 2013 #2
but how you know santa is not a member of onr and neo nazi?

OP sobieski 107 | 2,128
8 Dec 2013 #3
Ehhhh...I always thought he was a member of Coca-Cola ?
pawian 181 | 16,861
24 Sep 2020 #4
Maybe I picked the wrong job :)

The grass always looks greener on the other side. But it is usually delusive, so think twice before taking crucial decisions.

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