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Hi, I am Indian and will be shifting to Poland (diploma in Mechanical engineering)

javed221 4 | 16
9 Aug 2012 #1
ok, So am from india and will be relocating to poland , So I have experience of 2yr in automobile industry, transport industry as service engineer, I did diploma in Mechanical engineering from Mumbai , So will it be difficult for me to get settle there with a job ? I know fluent english, but few words of polish , So guys anybody any suggestions for me or any piece of advice for me?

thank you
Lenka 3 | 2,765
9 Aug 2012 #2
Do you know to which city you're going?
OP javed221 4 | 16
9 Aug 2012 #3
i think to Warsaw,
Lenka 3 | 2,765
9 Aug 2012 #4
It's a big city so I think you should find some job but study Polish.After all you'll have to talk to people and since you're not just relocating to the different branch office you might need some Polish.
OP javed221 4 | 16
9 Aug 2012 #5
of course i will learn polish too , thanks
9 Aug 2012 #6
How are you planning to get a visa?
OP javed221 4 | 16
9 Aug 2012 #7
long story , i mean i have my own situation for that ,
pantsless 1 | 267
9 Aug 2012 #8
I know fluent english

Good luck with getting a visa though.
OP javed221 4 | 16
9 Aug 2012 #9
FYI, I am posting a question on public blog not on notice board of polish embassy
Nightglade 7 | 97
9 Aug 2012 #10
have 2yrs experience in the automobile industry and transport industry as a service engineer.

To be precise...

Javed: If I am honest, your chances are not so great. Your history and qualifications are not really that relevant to the types of jobs on offer by international companies. I suggest persevering and taking a Polish language course to increase your odds.
MoOli 9 | 480
10 Aug 2012 #11
So buddy get a truck drivers license and start driving truck! maybe make 80k euros a year( lol make sure licenses is valid in EU if not dont get into an accident or get pulled over:))
falak - | 1
26 Aug 2015 #12
Merged: Job in Poland for Pakistani with mechanical engineering degree, no Polish but fluent in English

I am from Pakistan, I am going to Poland in October for six month for research, I have mechanical engineering degree. I can't speak polish. but fluent in English.

beside doing research i want to get some job in Poland i am agreed to do any kind of decent job?
I like Polish people. their culture. country stability, job security. i am not religious kind of a person.
I want to spent rest of my life in Poland.

my question is that will i be able to get any job?
2. Will i be able to get residency in Poland?
rocky1212 - | 1
5 Jan 2016 #13
Merged: Query Job in Mechanical Design Field

Hello Forum Members ,

I have a experience of 3 years in Mechanical Design.
Of Which 9 Months in Poland. I am planning to do my Masters in Design in Poland to strengthen my Knowledge further . What are my chances of getting employed in Polish Market after my Masters Degree. (P.S Started learning Polish Slowly , I know it is difficult but trying my best)
harsh61290 - | 3
27 Aug 2016 #14
Merged: Want to know Education In Poland for Masters in Mechanical Engineering

Hello, I am Harshal From Nashik, India. I am planning to study Masters in Mechanical Engineering in Poland but i have a doubt that Is it good to study masters in Poland for Mechanical Engineering? How much Opportunity for Job is for Mechanical Engineer in Poland after doing Masters? If there is Opportunity for Mechanical engineer then which University Should I choose for Master study?

Please Guide me,
Thank You.
Wulkan - | 3,243
27 Aug 2016 #15
Please Guide me

Studying in Poland is not a good idea, period.
Wulkan - | 3,243
28 Aug 2016 #17
It's an English expression meaning that there is not much more to say about the subject.
terri 1 | 1,664
28 Aug 2016 #18
What do you mean by Period?

You have obviously not read this forum from top to bottom. There are very few jobs for the local people, who know the Polish language and very frequently are also fluent in English. They are leaving Poland in their hundreds to seek a better life somewhere else. You cannot even speak the Polish language.

Any prospective employer has to obtain a work permit for anyone from outside the EU. Why should they bother when they can choose from their own candidates?

What can YOU offer a prospective employer than a local person cannot? This is the question you must ask yourself...
harsh61290 - | 3
28 Aug 2016 #19
Thank You for Helping me out Guys.
darpanb - | 1
29 May 2017 #20

Work in poland

Hi ,

I am from India , I am looking to shift warsaw or other good city of poland. I am mechanical Desiger . if i shift to poland & then i find job over there related to my field ?. How was there market of Engineering field & condition.

Please guide me .

Thanks ,
25 Aug 2017 #21
hi I want to know that can I study post graduation or master program in same field in Poland? , after study postdiploma in fine art from India
Dirk diggler 10 | 5,121
26 Aug 2017 #22
To all the Indian dudes looking for work in pl,

If you're gonna go to poland it engineering business are good safe bets. It is particularly a hot field now in pl with good salaries and you can get by without learning polish. If you wish to work in most other type of positions generally you'll need to know the language. The salaries are lower than western Europe but are pretty on par with overall costs and living standards. Most Indians and pakis that come to poland end up going westward but some do stay and really like the country.
marslan 1 | 2
8 Dec 2017 #23

Good Salary for Warsaw - Moving from Pakistan

Hello All,

Hope you are well.

I am writing from Pakistan and I have a job offer from P&G in their Warsaw office. I am a mechanical engineer with three years of experience in Pakistan.

I am being offered a gross salary of PLN 10,250 and I`ll be moving alone to Warsaw. Can you people guide me on if this is enough for me to move to Warsaw and live comfortably.

Thanks :-)
DominicB - | 2,709
8 Dec 2017 #24

You'll be able to live decently for a single young male. However, your savings are going to be rather unspectacular. The big problem with working in Poland is that wages are too low to make serious saving possible.

You would be better off finding a job either in a richer country with higher wages, or in a challenging environment like remote petroleum or mining installations.

Conduct a proper job search. Do not rely on internet sites, recruiters or headhunters. They rarely have good jobs to offer. Instead, expand and develop your network of REAL WORLD personal contacts. The best jobs are practically always advertised solely face-to-face, person-to-person in the real world. Internet sites and recruiters get the table scraps that no one really wants. Focus on networking with fellow engineers who work or have worked in richer countries or challenging environments. Be patient and persistent, and you will almost certainly find a much better job than this
LongTermR 1 | 37
8 Dec 2017 #25
If you think living in 35 m2 square box is comfortable life you will be able to live.
marslan 1 | 2
8 Dec 2017 #26

Thank you for your response.

1) Do you have any idea what type of reputation does P&G have as an employer in Poland.

2) Wouldn`t I have a better chance of finding a better job in richer European countries from working in Poland than from here in Pakistan?
DominicB - | 2,709
8 Dec 2017 #27

No idea. Check glassdoor and other sites.

Wouldn`t I have a better chance of finding a better job in richer European countries from working in Poland than from here in Pakistan?

No. It would be MUCH easier for you to expand and develop your network in Pakistan than in Poland. Let's not sugar-coat things. The job you are being offered in Poland is a "windowless basement" job that no one else wants. You will be cut off from serious advancement in the company. and your only contacts will be other low-level workers who can do nothing to help you advance.
Dirk diggler 10 | 5,121
8 Dec 2017 #28
If ur good you can make a lot of money regardless where you go. Your degree is in huge demand. In Poland you'll make less money than w Europe but life is cheaper. There is a small community of educated Pakistanis Indians and other s asians and Muslims. Some are very wealthy. Poland maybe has more startup and entrepreneurial opportunities but w Europe offers higher paying jobs. The thing is tho pl will give you eu paper so you can reside almost anywhere in europe
26 Sep 2021 #29
I am Rajat Pawar from India.I have completed my diploma and graduation in mechanical engineering.I am fresher with no experience.Recently I applied for the job in pune and they are going to send me Poland on contract basis for 1 year.The company is at valbrich (Tristone).As I got to know this I started learning german language as it is also spoken in Poland.

My point is I want to work in Poland for at least 3 to 4 years. So what should I do during my first year in Poland.How to search and apply for job in Poland.

Please guide me.
Thank you
Atch 17 | 4,086
26 Sep 2021 #30
I started learning german language as it is also spoken in Poland.

German is not spoken by Polish people in everyday life and most people don't know any German at all. You need to learn basic Polish, not German, especially if you want to live in Poland for a few years.

what should I do during my first year in Poland

You should concentrate most of your efforts on doing a good job for the company that hired you and perhaps they will renew your contract.

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