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Employment prospects of a Computer Science Graduate in Poland

Levantine 2 | -
8 Nov 2011 #1
Hey all, i am a fresh Computer Science graduate from Lebanon looking for better opportunities abroad. I've highlighted Poland, Krakow to specific as one of the places i would seek out employment and hopefully call a home. The reason i chose this particular locale is for the opportunities available in the game development industry. This region i.e Central Europe is booming with startup studios and i want to take a chance and be a part of that boom. Now i do not expect that i would get immediate employment in the career of my choosing, that is video game development. But as a Computer Science graduate with various robust projects and a rich portfolio under my belt add to it a strong understanding of software and solutions development, what kind of salary could i expect to land? I am by no means a fresh, inexperienced graduate. I already am working on a video game here as a custom content developer for the UDK and doing freelance work as a 3D modeler and animator. I also am fluent in English, French and Arabic. I am currently learning Polish and getting assistance from some friends of mine.

Thank you
jock3r37 2 | 11
13 Feb 2013 #2
Merged: Graduate Computer Science and work in Poland - good scenario?

Hi. I'm thinking of studying in Wroclaw University of Technology to get BA in Computer Science (3 years, taught in English). After my graduation I am willing to stay in Poland and work until I am eligible to get permanent residency. I'm not form EU/EEA by the way.

Question: what are my chances of finding a job in Poland right after my graduation? I can go to any city, I'll learn the language. But will the employers hire me despite my foreign citizenship and temporary status in Poland? Will there be a position in IT field for a foreigner at all? And what salary I can expect to get if that would be my first work experience?

And what do you think of my scenario? Maybe I better graduate in Poland and then try to find a job somewhere else in EU? Diplomas from my home country are not recognized in the world.

Thank you in advance.
Tom19075 - | 3
13 Feb 2013 #3
I live in Poland and in my opinion it`s not good scenario to study and after graduation start work in Poland.
In Poland is very dificullt to find a job for even Polish people...many student from Poland go to other countries, because in this country they can`t finde a job.

Maybe better to study in normal country for example France or Italy, or go to Kanada. In this country life is better.
jock3r37 2 | 11
14 Feb 2013 #4
It's sad that people can't find a job in Poland. After all, it's not a big deal where you graduated, career is more important. But what do you think of graduating in Poland and then going to work abroad? Are polish diplomas recognized in the world and in the EU in particular? I wish to study in Poland because tuition fees are quite reasonable (I mean for programs taught in English). What are my chances of finding a job with polish diploma? Thanks for your reply.
Tom19075 - | 3
15 Feb 2013 #5
In my opinion graduating in Poland and after that going to other country in UE is very good idea, because polish diploma are recognized in UE.

I don`t know about chance to find job In Europe if you have polish diploma Computer Science, because I finished diffrent study.
Where are you from ??
jock3r37 2 | 11
17 Feb 2013 #6
I am from Ukraine, it's quite close to Poland. But despite that, graduating in Polish university does not entitle me to reside in Poland and work, am I right? Unlike of Poland, in Germany I will have 18 month after graduation from German university to find a job in related field. Can I ask you what are my chances of finding a job in EU holding polish diploma for studies made in English? I know they will consider my application in the last turn (first national citizens, then citizens of EU and EEA, and finally foreigners). Or it's not a good idea to spend money in Poland (because graduation in Germany in the same program + cost of living will cost the same) and I better graduate in the county I am going to reside afterwards?

In what field did you graduate? Did you find a job?

Thank you.
17 Feb 2013 #7
depends what and where you were studying. if it's philosophy, psychology, international relations, economics etc. - you;d better go to Germany. If you are a doctor or engineer you have a big chance of finding a job here.
Slein Jinn 2 | 19
17 Feb 2013 #8
depends what and where you were studying.

Hi. I’m thinking of studying in Wroclaw University of Technology to get BA in Computer Science (3 years, taught in English) (emphasis mine)

Tom19075 - | 3
18 Feb 2013 #9

here you can read, what to do if you want working in Poland.
If you have polish diploma and you want working in Poland, you should speak very good Polish...I think that in Germany is similarly < you need good German > so you should learn Polish or German if you want work in this country.

I think that study in Germany is more expensive than in Poland.
I finished civil engineering about 4 years ago. I found the job after graduating and I`m still working.
If I were you, I will start study in Germany....and start learn German language....after graduating start the job in Germany....find a wife ( german women are not so beautiful like polish or ukraine, so it can be difficult :) )
9 May 2014 #10
Merged: Freshly graduate from Warsaw university in computer science. How much salary i will get ??

Im a freshly graduate non eu from warsaw university of technology looking for jobs .
I have done bsc in computer science.
Any advice on salaries and companies to apply .
What will be my minimum ans maximum salary??
Monitor 14 | 1,820
10 May 2014 #11
Read this topic: =0

As somebody answered there for the 1st job:

pesimisticly: 2000 PLN -2500 PLN net
average: 3000 PLN +/- 500 PLN net
optimistically (mainly corporations): 4000 PLN +/- 500 PLN net

Don't forget to educate potential employers, perhaps by writing it in cover letter, that as a graduate you don't need work permit. It's relatively new law, so they may not know. And the city matters, because if you're in Warszawa, Kraków, Wrocław, then your chances are the best, but if you're in Olsztyn, Białystok or Kielce, then maybe nobody will want to employ you.
21 Mar 2015 #12
Merged: study and get work

hi.. me and my 5 friends plan to master study in poland from india.
1/- is there any job opportunities after complete our master digress?

2/- if we get the job on the basis of our master of computer science? And if yes then how much we earn ?

3/- if i can not satisfied with my income then can i go for further study in canada ? Where my brother is permanent resident.

Please give me some helpfull information.. thank you.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
21 Mar 2015 #13
1. It depends how good programmer you are then.
2. Yes, if you graduate Polish university then you don't need work permit in order to work in Poland. Beginners salary in the biggest cities is usually around 2000-3000PLN gross. It would help much if you had real working experience when graduating masters. Many computer science students work part time in last years or at least do summer internship. I would encourage you to work in India for at least 1 year before coming for masters in Poland. Experienced programmers earn on average 6000PLN gross. Net is 70% of gross if you wondered.

3. If you have money, then you can study in any country you want. You brother could finance your studies for example.
DominicB - | 2,709
22 Mar 2015 #14
if we get the job on the basis of our master of computer science? And if yes then how much we earn ?

Not very much. As monitor said, you can expect to earn a lousy 8000 to 12000 USD per year on your first job, which is below the minimum wage in the US for burger flippers and Walmart greeters. When you have about five years of experience, that might go up to 24000 USD per year. You would earn three to five times as much in a Western European or English-speaking country.

Please give me some helpfull information.. thank you.

It would be much smarter to get a masters in petroleum, geological or biomedical engineering. Job prospects and earnings are much higher than IT.

Also, engineering schools in Poland are not much better than those in India, if at all. There is no compelling reason for you to study in Poland. If you want a quality education, try Western European countries or English-speaking countries. Otherwise, study at a good engineering school in India.

Ignore any marketing hype from Polish universities, especially private ones.
Humblebee - | 2
28 Oct 2016 #15
you said to ignore marketing hype from polish universities. would you be kind to tell about lodz university of technology. and its level of education.
23 Dec 2020 #16
Hello, i was planning to get my degree in computer science in poland can i get a job within one year.
2 does canada accept me for my masters if i study in poland
3 is it good idea to study computer science in poland do i get accepted wherever i want?

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