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I'm a graphic artist. How to get a job in Poland ?

sanju 1 | 1
19 Dec 2012 #1
Hi friends,
I am sanju from India, I am Graphic Artist and I have more than 5 years experience. I am looking a job in Poland.
please tel me how to get a job in Poland.
terri 1 | 1,665
19 Dec 2012 #2
I am sure that the 4 milion Polish people currently unemployed in Poland would also like to know how to get a job.
QLOC 1 | 5
19 Dec 2012 #3
Do you have a specialization? A portfolio on the Internet? A good resume? Make sure your resume meets the Polish norms, you can find some typical layouts on the Internet, just search for "jak napisać cv" on google. Make sure you put your name, address, phone number and e-mail in the resume, people often forget to put that data in their resumes and they wonder why nobody calls or mails them.
OP sanju 1 | 1
19 Dec 2012 #4
thank you
ValF - | 2
13 Jan 2015 #5
Merged: Job sites for graphic designers in Poland?

Hey there!

We're looking for freelance graphic designers/illustrators from Poland and I was wondering if you know of any specialized job websites where we could post some job ads?

Thanks for your help!

Monitor 14 | 1,820
13 Jan 2015 #6
Put your adds here for free:

Or pay here:;kw
ValF - | 2
13 Jan 2015 #7
Great! Thanks a lot :)
5 Jun 2018 #8

Digital Arts jobs for students in Poland

Greetings and respect from Pakistan

I am Hammad 25 graduate of Film School and a digital artist by profession.

I was planning to come to University of Poznan in Poland to pursue my Masters in Graphic Arts as well as study and bear my expenses there and l wanted to know if l could get a job as a graphic designer or cartoonist or something?

I need to know if there is a market for professional digital artists there.

I am well versed in main industry design softwares and social media design as well as game character designs. Apart fron that being a film graduate l am well versed in screenwriting, storyboarding, direction, video editing as well as animation and motion graphics

To check some of my work please goto ny instagram: haminati0n

Any help would be great. Please lemme know if l can get a decent jobs or is it totally hopeless for a brown guy like with my skills to break in the market there? Thanks
Paulina 10 | 1,809
6 Jun 2018 #9
@Hamination, according to the site there's a deficit of graphic designers in Poznań but to be one in Poland in many cases it would be good to know Polish language. It wouldn't be a must in case of game developers but they're usually placed in Warsaw. If you want to pay for your studies by working in Poland I think it would be wise to apply for work first and see if you can get a job or not.

But to apply for work you have to have a portfolio and that brings me to:

To check some of my work please goto ny instagram: haminati0n

Where are your works? I can't see them... Is this what you're going to do to your prospective employers? You'll tell them to look for your works on the internet and if they're lucky they'll find them? lol
10 Jan 2020 #10

Where to find jobs in Poland?

Ay carramba! Do you know where to look for jobs in graphic design in Poland?
10 Jan 2020 #11
Why is Graphic design listed under IT, isn't it more of advertising-related?

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