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Polish painting artist and signature

duche2 1 | 1
13 Oct 2012 #1
Hi everyone! Tell me or give a link to another forum, where they can help. I can not determine the name of the artist's such a signature. Or help please read as it sounds in Polish

Terraformer - | 5
16 Oct 2012 #2
As most signatures, this one's quite illegible. I am not even sure if it is Polish - are you sure? There seem to be double 's' there, a rare thing in Polish surnames, and a big V at the beginning. Technically there is no V in Polish alphabet, unless it is a surname of foreign origin. Or artistic mannerism. I will try to look at it later again, maybe my brain needs some time for analysis. ;)
OP duche2 1 | 1
16 Oct 2012 #3
Thanks for the reply! I'm not sure this is a Polish artist, and your arguments are very convincing. Then who is it?
Rysavy 10 | 308
16 Oct 2012 #4
The lazy stylized vertical lettering is hard to say. I signed my name to look like butterfly asn G was stylized to be wing so looked like J asn my last name was shortened to allow R for other wing. Befor ei changed my name which now starts with J anyway >_<

It might be something by Ana Marie Vousset (ou Jousset) and be double last name.

But the last part IS Kroussi which is usually a greek name. But if sytlized-the first name is Vousset.
She does have art styling of that nature. I had net crash twice -will get you example maybe
Terraformer - | 5
16 Oct 2012 #5
I am not into art really. I tried "tineye," but no success there. To me the surname, after the initial name acronym (I assume) it looks like "Vodssotkrowssi" or "Vodscotkroussi." Not Polish enough ;) My initial impression was that the ending was "-ski", but there are not enough strokes for both s and k ;) The ending typical for Polish surnames are "-wski" or "-ski" but there are also such surnames to the East of Poland sometimes, e.g. a Russian Vladimir Zhirinovsky. I think you'd do better to ask about it on a graphology forum. Small chance here ;)

PS. Why is my earlier message in the "quoted field" in cyrylic? :D
Rysavy 10 | 308
16 Oct 2012 #6 140446041292

all I could find
Terraformer - | 5
16 Oct 2012 #7
Haha, Rysavy seems much more competent than I am! :D Well, I've never said I am good at it. :) Cheers!
Rysavy 10 | 308
16 Oct 2012 #8
Haha, Rysavy seems much more competent than I am

Aww..but I could be wrong...without seeing it live with good lighting to make the strokes out. Classical education asn painting myself helps. But honestly they should take it to local college with full art department , specialty art history -and if promising, a cheap appraiser

edit: dyslexic spell powers active-PHAIL!
Terraformer - | 5
16 Oct 2012 #9
Still, it is light years ahead of my assumptions ;) You think your typo was a fail? Look at my previous post - written in Engrish. I am abviously too tired. I wish I could correct it. Now I am off to the outside world tho'. Cya!
2 Aug 2020 #10
I bought this at an auction...talked to the previous owners daughter and she said it was gifted to their parents from a lady named kopariski that brought it back from a trip to Poland in 1986

I cant post a picture of the signature on this has the name of the artist and the place can someone tell me how to post a picture on this sight
pawian 218 | 22,823
2 Aug 2020 #11
You need to register first.

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