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How can I obtain a type D visa? - I need an application form
Self-employed and wife on contract job. How much in social charges should I pay?
Would be an honor to serve in Poland. Can an American pilot transfer to the Polish Airforce?
14 - Don't ask. Don't tell....

LawArturSzastak - 2 Feb 2007 goodforce - 14 Jul 2014
Do I need a Notary to witness my signature on a witness statement?
Polish temporary card (I'm a student and my visa expires)
My Father passed away june 29 and I need advice ( I was gifted his Property 9 years ago )
DEALERS Control the markets - Used Vehicles - Cars, Bikes, etc in Poland
Passport filling application (issuing country - Poland or Syria?)
4 - The issuing country is Poland, since it's a Polish passport....

Lawdany_moussalli - 28 Jun 2014 jon357 - 28 Jun 2014
Advice needed on Inheriting loans in Poland, will they have to be repaid?
How do you get your Polish passport if you live in Poland?
Cyber law advice for Ebay dispute in EU (foreign expat with poor Polish)
6 - I appreciate it. It is quite amount of money stolen....

LawSueK - 22 Jun 2014 SueK - 23 Jun 2014
Query concerning long-term Residency Card for non-EU Citizen
Polish tax on a UK lump sum from a pension plan
Resident permit Poland as a non-EU national
Inquiry about Resident Permit in Warsaw (I'm from India)
3 - and pay tax on the rent he collects:)...

Lawhyperbole23 - 27 Apr 2013 Dont gag me yo - 14 Jun 2014
How much do I have to pay in transaction charges to banks in Poland? ( I am paying University fees )
4 - About 5 Euro...

LawAhmedAly - 11 Jun 2014 kolec - 11 Jun 2014
Procedure for exporting a van from Poland to Spain?
WARNING - To Individuals setting up companies in Poland to trade outside of EU.
12 - This thread is important. Thank you for the information and advise....

Lawbritinkielce - 1 Oct 2013 noskii - 8 Jun 2014
Citizenship of Poland can be obtained through the blood line but my ancestor could lose it in the past  2
Moving to Poland from Australia what taxes if any do I pay
Does Poland have the most prehistorical and strictest banking system in the world?  2
EU citizen, offshore company, what are the laws regarding Income if I move to Poland?
Can I get Polish citizenship if exceeded the "3,5 year after marriage" time limit?
8 - why don't you read his link....

LawGuest - 21 May 2011 Monitor - 3 Jun 2014
Starting a business in Poland ( English language services )
Non-EU buying a superbike in Poland
Ukrainian and Poland's law on transplant surgeries
Polish passport renewal - is PESEL required?
Surname of children - Is it possible to have mothers surname in Poland?
Can I register a car in Poland if I don't have a Pesel?
Are Car Damage by Pothole Claims in Poland Possible?
How do I get onto the Polish electoral roll to vote in the European Parliament elections?
Can I buy a 4wd car in Poland and use it for 3 months without registering it?
How can I check the status of my Pesel number?
If I gain Citizenship of Poland, does this mean I lose my French Citizenship?
Do I need to have my residence permit finalised before my husband can apply for his as family member
How can I get my Mother-In-Law committed for treatment/psychiatrically assessed in Poland?
Advice on declaring Freelance income from the UK in Poland
Bringing a brand new car from UK to Poland
Can a Polish resident card holder leave for Iraq from another Schengen country other than Poland?
Karta Polaka (Card of the Pole, Polish Card) - working legally in all EU countries?
How to sell a ready made 'shelf' company in poland (gdynia)
5 - Yes you can, but you may need to pay 23% VAT. You need to check with an accountant....

LawcarolineHotelex - 25 Apr 2014 inkrakow - 6 May 2014
Married to Polish Girl for 3 years do I have the right to apply for citzenship now ?
17 - You answered yourself...

LawMaxin - 9 Jan 2011 Dont gag me yo - 2 May 2014
What happens if one doesn't pay their property taxes in Poland?
3 - And how long the process take? I heard till 20 years?...

Lawdontgagmeyo - 23 Apr 2014 dontgagmeyo - 23 Apr 2014
Marriage without birth certificate; British citizen born in India with Polish fiancee
Can an International student staying 2 yrs in Poland, take out 2 yr cell phone contract?
Info needed for settlement permit in Poland or EC long term resident permit
Poles going to live in the UK or elsewhere and their tax residency status? They pay tax to Poland?
Do some teaching business in Poland, Can invoice customers from UK business?
Laws in Poland regarding ownership of found valuables/treasure using a metal detector?
3 - Thanx...

Lawgucio - 27 Mar 2014 gucio - 27 Mar 2014
Registration as a Sole Trader in Poland
Questions regarding a proxy viewing files for me in a Polish court
5 - Thank you, sorry for the delay is response but I have responded to you!...

LawPolishbrah - 21 Feb 2014 Polishbrah - 27 Mar 2014
Banks in Poland are rip off - western union charges
Obtaining a work visa/permit for non-EU resident (Ukrainian) in Poland?
4 - Not all do --I can think of at least one bank that will not if they have you...

Lawheywood100 - 17 Oct 2010 InWroclaw - 24 Mar 2014
How to register for doctor in Poland (by area)
Poland's Citizenship - My sister was born in Poland, I wasn't and need help with records
Which Poland bank pays the most interest on pounds/GBP?
I'm looking for a polish website similar to Nisbets or Russums.

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