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If I gain Citizenship of Poland, does this mean I lose my French Citizenship?
Do I need to have my residence permit finalised before my husband can apply for his as family member
How can I get my Mother-In-Law committed for treatment/psychiatrically assessed in Poland?
Advice on declaring Freelance income from the UK in Poland
Bringing a brand new car from UK to Poland
Can a Polish resident card holder leave for Iraq from another Schengen country other than Poland?
Karta Polaka (Card of the Pole, Polish Card) - working legally in all EU countries?
How to sell a ready made 'shelf' company in poland (gdynia)
5 - Yes you can, but you may need to pay 23% VAT. You need to check with an accountant....

LawcarolineHotelex - 25 Apr 2014 inkrakow - 6 May 2014
Married to Polish Girl for 3 years do I have the right to apply for citzenship now ?
17 - You answered yourself...

LawMaxin - 9 Jan 2011 Dont gag me yo - 2 May 2014
What happens if one doesn't pay their property taxes in Poland?
3 - And how long the process take? I heard till 20 years?...

Lawdontgagmeyo - 23 Apr 2014 dontgagmeyo - 23 Apr 2014
Marriage without birth certificate; British citizen born in India with Polish fiancee
Can an International student staying 2 yrs in Poland, take out 2 yr cell phone contract?
Info needed for settlement permit in Poland or EC long term resident permit
Poles going to live in the UK or elsewhere and their tax residency status? They pay tax to Poland?
Do some teaching business in Poland, Can invoice customers from UK business?
Laws in Poland regarding ownership of found valuables/treasure using a metal detector?
3 - Thanx...

Lawgucio - 27 Mar 2014 gucio - 27 Mar 2014
Registration as a Sole Trader in Poland
Questions regarding a proxy viewing files for me in a Polish court
5 - Thank you, sorry for the delay is response but I have responded to you!...

LawPolishbrah - 21 Feb 2014 Polishbrah - 27 Mar 2014
Banks in Poland are rip off - western union charges
Obtaining a work visa/permit for non-EU resident (Ukrainian) in Poland?
4 - Not all do --I can think of at least one bank that will not if they have you...

Lawheywood100 - 17 Oct 2010 InWroclaw - 24 Mar 2014
How to register for doctor in Poland (by area)
Poland's Citizenship - My sister was born in Poland, I wasn't and need help with records
Which Poland bank pays the most interest on pounds/GBP?
I'm looking for a polish website similar to Nisbets or Russums.
Can you drive after passing exam or do you have to wait for your license to come ?
3 - Ok thanks...

Lawcroggers - 6 Mar 2014 croggers - 6 Mar 2014
Foreign retirees taxed in Poland?
24 - More accurate information at

Lawmatina - 12 Jul 2010 slawekk - 25 Feb 2014
Last Will and Testament - should items go to a Polish or EU person?
Polish divorce - there is next to no help available from the law!
Bank papers translated from English to Polish by a sworn translator?
STARTING BUSINESS IN POLAND - Internet site of hand-made and not only, clothing
Does anyone know the process to get long-term residency (stała karta pobytu)?
9 - I need help for POL permanent residency --- smmrbrv@gmail --- Vincent...

Lawaggieclint - 18 Dec 2013 qwerty007 - 11 Feb 2014
Looking for a shipping agent based in or around Warsaw
Do I need a work visa before moving to Poland?
Move to Poland with Misdemeanors?
9 - Thank you for the advice....

LawPolebyMarriage - 10 Feb 2014 PolebyMarriage - 10 Feb 2014
Is there a difference between karta pobytu and Europa card?
15 - So he many time they visit u at all...

Lawli yung - 29 Jan 2014 li yung - 9 Feb 2014
Are there any specific regulations regarding the Importation of alcohol from EU to Poland?
Any good ideas for setting up a business in Poland by a British investor?
I lost my temporary car permit in Poland - what should I do?
7 - Ok. Thank you. I hope someone els can provide me with some info...

LawNasser - 1 Feb 2014 Nasser - 1 Feb 2014
Value ( € or PLN) of handmade painting on clothes
Need urgent help applying for temporary residence in Poland ( I got married last weekend )
Laws on walking a dog in Polska  2  3
64 - So I was on the money with Robin Hood :-)...

LawDougpol1 - 24 Jan 2014 poland_ - 26 Jan 2014
Import a car from US to Poland
21 - I would love to see a source for that. Pity we won't ever get one....

Lawneedtips - 31 Oct 2007 Harry - 24 Jan 2014
Can I drive my wife's car in Poland on a GB licence?
E-books in Poland?
I want to move to Poland, but is it still difficult to obtain a visa for non EU nationals?
Can my American wife stay in Poland with me? I have citizenship of Poland.
Poland's ZUS - how much to register and later deregister?
Immigration police visits. Any change in law regarding my stay in Poland?
5 - Yep true! Lad from Mauritius here! :P...

Lawlocal_fela - 16 Jan 2014 local_fela - 20 Jan 2014
Business ideas when I'll get back to Poland
What do I as a foreigner need to know before setting up a business in Poland?
16 - Yup, be careful of your optimism Midod....

LawMidod - 16 Jan 2014 Wroclaw Boy - 17 Jan 2014
My package (postal) is being held at Zabrze, how can I get it released?
Does Poland encourage theft?
Importing my American boyfriend to Poland: residency, marriage, work, etc.
ACN direct selling telecom company in Poland  2
Under Polish law, is an absent parent entitled to claim an income from their child?!?!
French guy living in Poznan, needs information on theory and test for Polish driving licence
Cash register till 20.000 zł - online webshop in Poland?

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