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Can I get a divorce from my drug addicted husband, and are narcotics legal in Poland?

dpinky 1 | 4
10 Apr 2015 #1
My question is can I get divorced when my husband is drug addict? Im sick of him, he is so addict and jobless though he has hotel about 18 rooms but this is only seasonal when he earned it. He Just depend his family.

Narcotics in Poland is legal?

I have been burden of his vice and it caused me mentally, and emotionally disturbances .He was been out the house without any signs for almost a week.

I was thinking i need to...

I love my husband no doubt. Im from Philippines who just moved here.
Roger5 1 | 1,458
10 Apr 2015 #2
Do you know what kinds of drugs he uses, dpinky?
Looker - | 1,046
10 Apr 2015 #3
can I get divorced when my husband is drug addict?

I did a small research which shows the following:

According to regulations in Poland, the basic and necessary condition for the admissibility of divorce is a complete and permanent occurrence of breakdown between spouses. If this condition is not fulfilled, the court is not obliged to divorce even if the spouses collectively request so.

Even circumstances such as adultery, alcoholism (or drug addiction) of one of the spouses and a domestic violence cases are not sufficient to divorce. In these situations, the court still has to examine whether in a marriage occurred a permanent and complete disintegration of matrimonial life.

Breakdown of marriage is considered complete when have been broken all ties between spouses: spiritual, physical and economic. The most obvious is when one person for a long time lives with a new partner, with which he/she has shared plans for the future and does not intend to return to his/her spouse.

However, in the case when the spouses still sharing their flat - that is when economic ties were not broken - the court may order the divorce, if are fulfilled the other two conditions for obtaining it, and the live together is merely the result of the economic situation of the spouses (eg. neither of them has any possibility to reside elsewhere).

Whereas in the case of checking the persistence of marriage disintegration, the court assesses if, in accordance with the experience of life, can be reasonably expected that the couple will undertake the common life. As a rule, it is required that the disintegration last from a long time, however there are situations when the disintegration may be considered as permanent, despite the fact that it does not last for long.

But despite a complete and permanent breakdown the court won't grant a divorce if:
- as a result of divorce might suffer the good of the minor children of the spouses, eg. a divorce could prejudice the material conditions in which children are raised, or could cause adverse effects in the psyche of children,

- the divorce is seeking by the only guilty spouse responsible for the marital failure, and the other spouse does not agree to a divorce and his refusal is not contrary to the principles of social coexistence,

- divorce granting would be contrary to the rules of social intercourse, eg. in a situation where one of the spouses is seriously ill and there is no one to look after him.

In your case, if you decide to bring the divorce petition, you must indicate that you want a judgment of guilt of your husband. And the drug addiction of the spouse belongs to one of the clear causes of marital breakdown. You must provide all the available proofs about your husband addiction: any medical reports, police documents, testimony of witnesses - neighbors, co-workers, family, etc. To the proofs belong also emails, text messages, and even Facebook call/chat history. Court accepts any evidences that show plausible grounds of administered version of the story.
OP dpinky 1 | 4
11 Apr 2015 #4
@Roger 5:

Thank you of your response ,I really don't know what kind of drugs, i doubt its mephedrone, all I know that he can buy handy and order online . Wow! This is really surprising..

As we lived together since I'm here, I thought he is a dream man. I found out he used it when I saw both of my eyes and he asked me to do it. After he took ,few hours I saw a signs that he acted so weird compare he didn't use.

I got so stress, because he would go out in the house without any signs. He took all gadgets even the phone he gave me. If he's in the house he makes trouble with me. He takes videos of nonsense stuff and talking himself. He is troublesome.

Is it possible he could stop this thing? If he's not taking he's okay.


Thank you of your kind words. My problem is I want to have evidence for him by taking videos when he did it but he is so smart alleck because he off all gadgets while doing it so.

About the law here, I don't think so. Should I say my feelings for him is dry because the way he treated me? He would tell me things ******** when he is normal or not normal. It hurts when I heard things. I dont think so he is not much mature he is 29. I'm 31.

I'm Psychology graduate, as I can see him he has mentally disorder, paranoid and problem attitude. Hard to deal with him mostly.
jon357 63 | 15,214
11 Apr 2015 #5
Hi. Looker's long cut and paste stuff from the internet is officialese, albeit right. In reality an uncontested divorce is straightforward (and a contested one easy enough).

Drugs are highly illegal in Poland and almost anything is obtainable from one of the 'secret shops' online in PL and in in invitation only. These are, by the way, run by organised crime.

A quick if unpleasant way to deal with this is to report him to the police. This should be done in writing and in the correct format. You should mention about the online buying and they will take his computer to check. He will probably go to prison or be fined if it's his first offence and the amount of drugs is small and this will make your divorce quicker and easier. The drug rehab which he will be eligible for may well change his life for the better too.
terri 1 | 1,665
11 Apr 2015 #6
The best advice anyone can give you is to find a really good lawyer and follow his advice.
People on this forum can only speculate what may or may not happen, but you need to do things which will stand up in court.
el_easy 2 | 54
13 Apr 2015 #7
@dpinky, I see so much trouble for you getting divorced in Poland, If I'm in your position and no kids involved, I would run way to my country..
OP dpinky 1 | 4
26 Apr 2015 #8
Thank you of response dear friends. My husband asked another chance and begged. So give chance to animal, :)

LAST CHANCE! Not my lost when he dont keep his words...

Have a great day commentators!

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