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How to register a new business in Poland

Marysienka 1 | 195
6 Aug 2014 #121
A bit of advice : 1 ) whenever you go to an office applying for anything take a polish speaker with you, just in case.
2) you are going to receive letters from various companies saying that you need to pay for being registered, that is not true, and those companies are trying to fool people.
25 Aug 2014 #122
All I can say is be careful. Read the fine print of their "agreements" or "contracts". Remember you must register your business, way before you even get to invoice the company that you business with. If you start work without registering your business first, you are simply doing an illegal business, and illegal work. After you register you are obliged to pay taxes, Personal Income Tax, you pay to ZUS, yourself, or you can get all of that done with the help of a trusted accountant for a fee. If you pay those late, you will have to pay more, hence you lose more money. Most of these companies, who will only hire you as a "self-employed" are out to exploit people who are desperate for jobs, and to cut costs. Because by hiring you as an employee, they pay more than if they hire you as a "self-employed".
InWroclaw 89 | 1,914
4 Jan 2015 #123
Merged: Starting a new business in Poland - beware of registration scammers

This article highlights how scammers are taking money from new traders to register their business.

Jesteś początkującym przedsiębiorcą? Uważaj na oszustów, którzy chcą wpisać twój biznes do rejestru firm. I przy okazji wyłudzić kwotę od kilkudziesięciu do kilkuset złotych. Translation of extract: "Are you a novice trader? Beware of scammers who offer to register/list your business in the official Poland register of companies and rip people off in amounts varying from a few dozen to several hundred zlotys..."

The Poland's Ministry of Economy in 2011 introduced a uniform model for the registration of economic activity. Despite these improvements new entrepreneurs still lurking various threats.

14 Feb 2015 #124
we are a immigration office in iran and need a registration company in Poland.
please send me a email if any lawyers for this case are submitted.
MOD - | 2
27 Mar 2015 #125
Merged: what the best way to register company for foreigner ?

I just graduate from a Polish university "Master Degree". I apply for a resident card after graduate as searching for a Job, and I get it for one year.

Now I am thinking to register company in Poland "Export/Import" and other trades.

I am not sure what the best method to do it :

I hear it will be very hard for foreigner to open a company in Poland, and a lot of payment will be behind it?

I hear that if you open a business in Poland it will not qualify you to stay, until you meet certain things regard the company, any advice will be appreciated ?

Could it be to have a polish partner in paper better option ?

any advice are welcome
argen - | 33
29 Mar 2015 #126
Dear sinaattaee,
if you have question or need help with set up a company in Poland, please contact with me at kancelaria.synal@gmail. I run law office in central Poland and I can help you with any legal matter.

Kind Regards,

Dear MOD,
I think it's such a big problem to do this but everything depends what kind of company do you want to set up? Trading as sole trader is the cheapest way and you need only to register your own company in register of entrepreneurs "CEIDG", then you need to fill some papers to US - polish Inland Revenue and ZUS - our Social Insurance Institution, get the bank account and you can run your own company. Registration in CEIDG is free of charge and you can do it with the assist od someone else via internet. Of course if you want to register the company such ltd or partnership then you need to pay some money. In the case of ltd the minimum share capital is 5.000 PLN, and you need to pay additionally for registration in the KRS 500 PLN. To advice you something more I need more information. Please write me on priv or mail me.
MOD - | 2
29 Mar 2015 #127
my concerns that not every company you do it here it will give u a stay visa for it, so I am not sure which type of company I can have it and it will be fine for foreigner to have a resident permit for the next years ? I am not able to P.m you, maybe u can write my your email

2 Apr 2015 #128
We are a recruitment agency in the UK and wish to hire a "sole trader" in Poland. This trader has provided his NIP number and REGON number but as he does not have staff, he does not have a KRS number. Will would be paying him a gross salary and would not be deducting tax as we would if using a UK based "sole trader". Would we be liable if he did not pay his tax?
2 Apr 2015 #129
No, no more so than you would be if you bought a book and Amazon didn't pay their tax.

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