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Can I obtain my mothers Polish passport record online?

Taublib 1 | -
8 Jun 2015 #1
Both my parents are Polish and I am trying to get Polish Citizenship. My father immigrated to Brazil at a young age so I believe he lost his Polish citizenship. I consulted a firm and they say I could apply from my mother's side. She survived the war and still lived in Poland until 1948 when she left to Brazil. I was told she must have a Polish passport. I don't think my mother still has it. Is there a website on line where I can obtain her Polish passport record?
Looker - | 1,139
8 Jun 2015 #2
As far I know it is not possible to obtain such data online. I think the best you can do now is to call a Polish consulate in your country and tell them your case.

Since your both parents were born in Poland you should not have much problem with citizenship, although paperwork issues may cause some trouble.

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