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English accounting software for Polish tax?

Jars777 20 | 70
10 Dec 2012 #1
Hello all

I am self-employed in Poland and have an accountant. However it often takes them a while to calculate my taxes and it always feels a little strange not know how much money has to come off my earnings for half the month. So I was wondering if there is some kind of software or even online-calculation that doesn't cost much (or is even free) that I could use to roughly work out how much I will have to pay?

It could also be in German if that helps. :-)

10 Oct 2013 #2
Hi, I found your ad, did you find a software?? I could be interested as well, otherwise do you know an accountant non-polish but for Polish accountancy? thanks in advance
8 Jun 2015 #3
Ditto for me. Any software that can make accounting easier, calculate due zus and us based upon either the invoices paid methodology or invoices issued methodolgy, pls? (not cit but sole trader tax software, pls)

Still looking for this, only found Invoicer which is not what I'd in mind. Needs to auto calc biz bookkeeping for PIT quarterly (not CIT) accounts, calcing ZUS & tax automatically. Doesn't need to link up to e-dec or anything like that, just give me the tax figures to pay if I key in the ZUS and tax rate and amounts. - Anything going out there, free or paid??

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