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Unsure about visa requirements for moving to Poland with boyfriend

11 Jun 2014 #1
My boyfriend is relocating to Poland for 1-2 years to work at his company's site in Warsaw. He has gotten all the required documents and permits for his stay. My question is, how would I go about obtaining a visa to move out here with him? Both of us are American citizens. I'm not planning on working while I'm there (I'll be taking school courses online from an American school) so I wouldn't be able to go on a work visa, and we aren't married so I can't claim anything based on being his spouse. I'm just curious to see if anyone knows the best way to go about this.
11 Jun 2014 #2
You may apply for Polish Individual Country Visa (D), take a look at required documents and check the details here.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
12 Jun 2014 #3
You have to marry him, find a job in Poland or enroll for some studies. I think that some courses would also allow you to get a Visa. For example a few universities organize preparatory intensive Polish language courses. Successful finishing of this course allows to study in Poland in Polish language. If you write in your Visa application that you would like to study in Poland and need to learn language first for that, then they should grant you 1 year Visa. (tell me if you are interested in that)

Other, not quite legal way is to get long term Visa for any other Schengen Area country ( and with it come to live in Poland. I said not legal, because Schengen Visa gives you right to live in the country which issued it and only travel for short term to other Schengen area countries. But nobody checks where you live and for how long you travel as there are no borders.
2 Aug 2014 #4
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Hi, I have a U.S. Passport and have visited other countries. I currently work in Afghanistan. Do I need a Visa in order to enter Poland or will my U.S. Passport suffice? I have been talking about visiting a friend whom i met years ago while she was in the states on a work Visa. I decided that I put it off long enough and I am planning to visit her in a few months, she insisted that I do not need to get a hotel and she has a spare room. What would be a gift to thank her for her hospitality?

I currently have a U.S. Passport. Do I need a Polish Visa in order to enter the country?
2 Aug 2014 #5
Not as far as I now I have Polish and American passports and when ever I come back to Poland I use my us passport I didn't need to show any visa this might also depend where you are flying from?
PolishNewbie - | 5
8 Apr 2015 #6
hi micahmichael, i would like to contact you to see what you did... I am about to undergo the same situation.

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