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Demand Draft payments in Poland

hssmca 1 | -
6 Feb 2010 #1
I need your help about payments by Demand Drafts in Poland. Actually somebody want to make the payment from overseas by using the Demand Draft, but I enquired from many banks here in Poland, they dont understand the difference between a cheque and a Demand Draft and they simply say they dont provide this service in Poland. Can anybody help me to find out which bank in Poland can accept the Demand Draft payments issued for my company name from overseas to pay into my business account in Poland??

Which bank provide this service?
how long the Demand draft will take to make the payment into our account?
and what will be charges for the bank for handling that Demand Draft payment into my account?

Please help me I will be very much thankful to you.
Looker - | 1,134
2 Feb 2015 #2
Demand Drafts

In Poland the name for those securities is 'weksel trasowany' or 'trata'.
Most banks should accept it, but you may first try to contact with Bank Pekao:,main,language=EN
Another term which is related to the Demand Drafts is a conditional form of payment called 'Inkaso'

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