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1920 Law - Certification/Registration. I am looking to obtain Polish citizenship.

3 Mar 2015 #1

Appreciate any help here.

I am looking to obtain Polish citizenship and have tracked down many documents needed. The issue is my great-grandparents immigrated to the USA in 1910, my grandfather was born in 1912 in Michigan. The whole family then immigrated back to Poland in 1921 where he lived until 1947 when he moved back to the USA after WW2.

I need records to show that my grandfather immigrated back to Poland and lived there as citizen. So...

1. Does anyone know what type of registration or certification his family would have gone through when arriving back in newly formed Poland? Where would those records be stored if they settled in the Krotoszyn (Poznan Province) or Bydgoszcz area?

2. Are there any websites that list churches or schools that were in those areas which may have school or religious records?

3. We believe he may have also been in the custody of the state at some point as his mother could not provide for them. Are there any records stored anywhere for this?

Records we have:

1. Great-Grandma's birth certificate and marriage certificate in pre-1920 Poland.
2. Great-Grandma's second marriage certificate in 1958 and her death certificate in Poland.
3. Grandparent's immigration record when arriving in USA in 1910.
4. Grandfather's Birth and Death Certificate in USA.
5. Grandfather's re-entry immigration record to USA in 1947, listing last date in USA as 1921.
6. It's possible we can obtain his siblings birth or death certificates in Poland. Are those helpful?
7. We have some family contact in Poland as well. Does a letter from them mean anything?

Appreciate any help. Thank you!

Monitor 14 | 1,820
3 Mar 2015 #2
On the top of this website you can see advertisement of a company which deals with such stuff:
OP cjh234
3 Mar 2015 #3
Thank you for the reply. I will review the advertisement. However, we are trying to do as much as we can on our own to save money. So I hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction to conduct searches or at least allow us to have an understanding and not blindly follow an attorney. Thanks again!


Home / Law / 1920 Law - Certification/Registration. I am looking to obtain Polish citizenship.
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