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The law in Poland on poisoning & invasion of privacy

bond 3 | 10
22 Mar 2015 #1
i share an apartment with 2 girls, one of which is, for me, a bit abnormal. anytime i cook and i'm not around, she puts chemicals in my food.

2 days ago i cooked and moved the food from the kitchen to my room and recorded my room with my laptop while i was away. in the video, she entered my room with some cleaning chemical in hand, realised the green LED on my laptop was on, felt my room was being recorded. she then tried to close the lid of the laptop, tempered with my food and left.

i have the video and food (which i will test at SANEPID tomorrow).

i called the police and they didn't say anything sensible. they only said i should test the food for chemicals at my own cost (which is ok). but then i asked them, "if the people at the lab fail to trace any chemicals, what then?" the police said "then i'm afraid it'll be a dead case". i need some help here. could she be charged for the mere fact that she entered my room in my absence and tempered with my food and stuff? in poland is there a law concerning invasion of privacy? how does it work?

this is not the first time she did this. i figured someone was adding strange stuff to my food 3 weeks ago.
22 Mar 2015 #2
Just move out, life's too short.
OP bond 3 | 10
22 Mar 2015 #3

it's hard for me to make her go free knowing she's been doing this for sometime. i have no idea what has entered me.

i added the recording.

moving out next week.
king_krak 1 | 9
22 Mar 2015 #4
Just buy the take aways :) or MC Donalds haha
Roger5 1 | 1,455
22 Mar 2015 #5
That was quite a creepy movie. I don't think she's broken any law by entering your unlocked room. I'd move out asap. Make sure you make an official statement to the cops (insist on talking to someone from the criminal branch and not just some doughnut-eating time server). Do you have a friend to stay with until you can move out?

Any positive lab test would be useless in court, as you could have adulterated it yourself. Still, it will be interesting to see what they find. Good luck and eat out.
OP bond 3 | 10
22 Mar 2015 #6
Roger, time to spend on this is something i don't have. i asked told her to eat some of the food. surprisingly she agreed! so instead i'll make her eat 40% of it and watch her die :p.

even if the lab results come out positive, like you said, it'll be useless cause they might think i added stuff myself. only solution to save time and money is to make her eat it. she agreed so i think that's the best i can get from this situation.

i already have a another place to live. found myself a place that i wouldn't have to share with anyone.
Roger5 1 | 1,455
22 Mar 2015 #7
I hope she doesn't die, because those cops would have a very strong suspect. If she's crazy enough to poison you, she's crazy enough to poison herself. Proceed with caution.
OP bond 3 | 10
22 Mar 2015 #8
well death is an overstatement. i don't want her to die haha. she agreed to eat to prove to ME she added nothing.

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