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Registering residence without renting or owning?

15 Jan 2015 #1

I registered (and received the certificate) of stay in Poland over a period of 3 months, and now I need to go to the Urzad Miasto in order to register my residence.

The problem is that I live with my girlfriend in her owned house, so I don't have a leasing, or for that matter, any official paper proving I live there.

Does anybody know how I can prove I live there? Maybe some declaration signed by her?


Monitor 14 | 1,820
15 Jan 2015 #2
some declaration signed by her?

call and ask them what they need.
15 Jan 2015 #3
You need to go to the office with your girlfriend. She needs to take with her proof that she owns the property (i.e. the notarial deed signed when she acquired the property or a certified copy of the relevant entry into the land & mortgage register). She then gives you permission to live in the house and the office give you your maldunek. Personally I have to go there and give myself permission to live in the flat which I own.

BTW, you are creating a slight tax liability for your girlfriend. Under Polish tax only families can live together, any other co-habiting is treated as being a commercial relationship and thus the tax can go after your girlfriend for the tax owing on the rental value of half of her house. The way round that is for you to register as her konkubin, then there's no tax liability (and yes I am speaking from personal experience, or at least the experience of having to register my girlfriend as my konkubina so I wouldn't need to pay any tax on her living with me).
InWroclaw 89 | 1,915
15 Jan 2015 #4
This is a very important point, and one that horrified me when I first learnt about it some years back.
qamdin 1 | 3
18 Jan 2015 #5
Forget about that , thats not even possible and if you are found , frauding the national laws , you could as well be deported
26 Jan 2015 #6
Thank you for your help!
Related to the konkubin process, can you tell me exactly where this is processed? Urzad Miasto? Because so far I could only find information about what a konkubinat is and nothing related to the process of registering as one.

Thank you in advance!
28 Jan 2015 #7
Sorry but I went through that more than a few years ago and really cannot remember (my girlfriend wrote the documents and I signed them). I'm pretty sure a letter to the tax office was involved.

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