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Need advice regarding work permit in Poland (coming on Denmark visa)

albri 1 | 1
21 Nov 2011 #1
Greetings every one. I'm an Au pair here in denmark. i have resign from my employer and will be working here until december 19. i have a cook job offer from poland and they already started applying my work permit. my problem is my employer wants me to show them my work permit or visa to poland before december 19 before they let me go to poland otherwise they will send me back home to the philippines. Can i just go to poland using my denmark visa and stay there while waiting for my work permit/visa. please.. please.. please.. give me some advice, i don't want to go back to the philippines. thank you in advance for your response. warm regards to all.
cherish 2 | 10
28 Nov 2011 #2
I think you can go to poland since its also schengen with denmark.if u have where to stay till u get your permit.its better than going to phillipines
teflcat 5 | 1,032
28 Nov 2011 #3
You are not a slave. Your employer has no right to send you anywhere. I advise you to contact your embassy:
OP albri 1 | 1
2 Dec 2011 #4
thank you for your advice. i'm going to poland before december 19. i will just tell my host that i will sleep over with some of my friends here in denmark. my future employer with provide me the accommodation in advance while waiting for the visa. thank you again :)
10 Dec 2011 #5
what are the requirement for Work Permit for a new person who never visit anywhere abroad
19 Mar 2013 #6

I am working as a marketing professional - VAS(Value added services) in India. My wife is working in Poland in a reputed firm.

Can anyone help me with the below mentioned queries

a. Please suggest the easy way to get the work permit in Poland
b. Please suggest some good employers for marketing jobs

Monitor 14 | 1,820
19 Mar 2013 #7
Check website of Polish embassy in India:

To work in Poland in marketing you will need to know Polish language.
23 Apr 2015 #8
Can post graduate students work part time in Poland during course?
DominicB - | 2,709
24 Apr 2015 #9
Theoretically, yes. Practically, it's going to be very difficult to find a part-time job as a foreigner. Make your plans on the very safe assumption that you will not be able to earn any money whatsoever during your stay in Poland.
12 Jun 2015 #10
I was given a sponsor working visa frm.poland as a beautician and im expecting to rcve by july.i want to know the recquirements how can i succesfully proces the visa.and san po embassy nandito po ako sa pilipinas.

use English language exclusively

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