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Rights of a consumer when dealing with faulty goods in Poland?

MoOli 9 | 484
28 Aug 2012 #61
They just don't care - they never have enough people working on the tills

I have been in this business for a long time....same as 7/11s....the idea in mid range c store is to make the customer wait in line so they can decide what more to buy:D,Even Carefour has 3 kinds of stores one is supermarket other is medium sized store(dont remember what its called) third is carefour express,I know this at one point I wanted to franchise...but I agree thre management aint brilliant,but they learning slowly but surely,I HOPE!
mullerriceman 2 | 23
8 Sep 2012 #62
OK, bought a DVB-T decoder, worked perfectly, got 50+ channels, just the remote didn't work so gave it back and got my money back from Bricoman no questions asked.

Bought one from Auchan and it picked up 1 channel. Took it back to service but they won't give you your money back, but send it to service. A month later I got a new decoder, same model. This one gets 21 channels but resets itself whenever it likes. Took it back, got sent to service. A month later, got it back with a comment saying "works fine, tested for 4 hours, must be a problem with the aerial". Took it back, guess what? Same problem. Am taking it back today, will try to speak to the manager.

And of course will threaten them with the e-sąd as a last resort.

Will let you know how I get on.
delphiandomine 85 | 18,270
8 Sep 2012 #63
Mullerriceman - don't go using the directive. It doesn't have any legal basis whatsoever - you need to use the relevant law which transposed the directive into Polish law.

Although to be fair...I suppose the average manager wouldn't have a clue about the differences between directives and laws ;)
Teseract - | 3
8 Sep 2012 #64
What is the law regarding returns and refunds of faulty goods? Is there a timeframe that allows you to return for a refund or exchange like is common in many countries?

The directives and laws I have read are vague with things like "reasonable time" or "significant inconvenience". I have purchased things that were DOA when I got them home and the shops refused to exchange or refund me and said I must send them to service. They do the "Polish stand off" with me when I try to reason with them. I know I can file claims as indicated above etc but it takes just as much time and hassle and I am still is there a law you can show them that requires them to replace goods sold faulty out of the box etc?

I really don't understand retailers here. They seem to think they have no responsibility for the goods and are just there to pass them off and profit. But then you have leRoy Merlin who has no time limit on returns for full refunds as long as the item is not a used consumable like paint...or a used tool that is damaged. If you don't like that table lamp after 6 months and have the box they will give you all of your money back. Even in the USA that kind of service is extremely rare. Maybe 30 or 45 days but forever doesn't happen much at all. I just wish Poland would have a reasonable standard like 30 days for a full refund or exchange as long as you have all the packaging and it isn't damaged.
OP InWroclaw 89 | 1,915
28 May 2015 #65
The Poland consumer office has clamped down on shops that insist on receipts when returning goods,136159,17965956,Reklamacja_wadliwego_towaru__Rekojmia__gwarancja_.html#MT

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