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African person married to Polish - obtaining Permanent Residence in Poland

DrAbrar 1 | 1
13 Oct 2014 #1
Hello there,

i'm 25 years old male from Somalia married to a Polish girl. I'm a 5th year Medical Student in China, i met my wife in our university here, we are married for a year now. My wife gave birth to a baby boy few weeks ago (waiting for Congratulations :P lol)..

As you all know my passport is not the best passport to have specially when traveling and obtaining visas etc, people have a bad image of my country due to the war that continued for almost 20 years, my country is kind of settled now but not the best place to live... I and my family live in Dubai United Arab Emirates and i'm currently studying Medicine in China..

My wife and married for almost a year and half now and God has blessed us with a baby boy, i want my Child to have Polish Passport as that will be better for his future specially freedom of movement around the world, i had many difficulties moving around the world even though i have enough money to live any where but my passport holds me back all the time... Who knows some day my country will get better and we will have some acceptance from the world (HOPE IS GOOD)..

For the time being me and my wife like to visit Poland, i want my baby boy to know about mothers Country and culture, i want him to meet his grandparents there etc.

Here are my questions.

1-Can my baby boy obtain Polish Citizenship from the Polish Embassy in China?
2- Can i visit Poland with my wife and child, is it easy to get Visa to Poland based on the fact that i'm married to a Polish Citizen?

3-Can i obtain Permanent Residency in Poland based on the fact i'm married to a Polish Citizen? what are the requirements to gain Polsih PR and how long does it usually take to obtain the PR?

4-Will having Polish Permanent Residence make it easy for me to move around EU with my wife and Child even though i hold Somali Passport?

Thanks to all members in this Forum and i appreciate the Polish peoples warm welcoming to foreigners :)...


PC_Sceptic - | 70
13 Oct 2014 #2
All this questions you can find on your own. I'm not being rude, but the best way, is to get the info from the horse's mouth.

As your case is bit unusual.
Your wife must present her Birth Certificate personally in the Embassy, if she doesn't have one, then the Embassy will obtain it for her from Poland (this ain't Fed Ex, need to wait) for a fee of course.

And your son is a Polish citizen.
As far as you are concerned, that is a different story, you should have to contact Polish embassy/Consulate in Somalia first, but you are out of luck because there isn't one.

Normally another country that have an Embassy in Somalia would represents Polish (in this case) interest there, if in fact there is such agreement. (which I doubt) If not then you go to the nearest country that has the Polish Embassy, again phone call will do. Use Baidu, if google is blocked by the "Wall" but my guess it is Nairobi.

Start with the Beijing..
Always friendly, super informed, Chinese (Mandarin) English or Polish (your wife)

Question, what kind of visa do you have in China? "X1"? and where did you get it from? in the Near East?
FYI China just re-opened their embassy in Somalia
13 Oct 2014 #3
You will have no problem getting a visa or a temporal resident permit, but you would need to stay in poland for at least 2 years in order to apply for a permanent resident permit. After the permanent resident permit you would need other 2/3 years to apply for citizenship.

Your kid is a different story, he will have the right to have polish nationality without much complication.
OP DrAbrar 1 | 1
3 Nov 2014 #4

Thanks for the information, yes i have communicated with Polish Embassy here in China and they said no problem with making passport for my son. They can also apply for me a visitor visa to Poland based on the fact that i'm married to and a father to Polish Citizens. They can apply the visa for me here because i'm in a Student residence permit here in China so no need to go to Nairobi or Somalia to do so..

Appreciate the information you provided me it helped a lot and sorry for the late reply :)

@Miendo THANK YOU...^_^
Musik - | 1
6 May 2015 #5
Merged: Permanent Residence or Temporary Residence

Hello there.

I am a Tanzanian married to a beautiful Polish woman we have 1 six months child,we are planning to move to Poland,how easy or hard for me to obtain a Permanent/temporary residence for Poland

What are the requirements?

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