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The Stock Exchange - Poland (GPW ... or WSE). Do you invest?

bullfrog 6 | 603
8 Aug 2012 #31
Have a look at the following link

There are 45 instances listed, of which 19 for over $1bn;

Most of the losses were brought by a lone trader; UBS has the privilege of appearing twice on the list (Ramy Goldstein for 430 M$ in 1998, Kweku Adoboli for 2 bn$ in 2011)
pawian 170 | 11,514
9 Aug 2012 #32
If hard times come, and many say they are destined to come, two year's time will be too promptly to come back to the stock market

You think the black scenario will happen?


But I also thought about it.......

That is why I secured myself with this:

come back in two years time orso.


(unless you are a witty investor who invests on your own).

No, I am not. I tried in 1990s but it wasn`t successful. :(:(:(

Besides, I think it is a deadly boring activity.
Ziemowit 13 | 4,096
9 Aug 2012 #33
Yes, you are right. I would also be reluctant to engage myself in an activity that I would find boring.

But the financial markets are really fascinating. They are so complex and have so many different aspects to be vigilant about. Knowledge is very important, but it is not enough. You have to have that "something" that enables you to be succesful. You have to know yourself as well which is not that obvious because you think you do. I remember myself buying quite a number of shares at 22 zloties each and selling it after only 3 months at 83 zloties at the WSE. The market was then at its peak, as hot as never before, the heat was enormous, everyone was buying, buying and buying more and more, and I was ... selling, selling against the mood I could see around (or maybe just because of that mood?) on the very last day before the market abruptly collapsed leaving many in the dispair of some Amber Gold clients of today.
9 May 2015 #34
For me Energa is the best in Warsaw. In Poland especially not write about it.

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