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Polish, non-speakers told to bring interpreters to municpal buildings
Do Poland have big market for Natural and Handmade products?
Closed: Is it possible that Polish president was assasinated? If so then, by whom?   2   3   4   ...   30   31
Is it hard for a foreigner to give birth in Poland?
National City Bank complaint. Polish-client experience.
20 - National City is by far the worse bank I have ever dealt with....

USA, CanadahelloNational Sucks - 22 Apr 2010
Home made fruit vodka from Poland
Current airports situation after the volcano events in Poland
oparty o/na?
No job unless you're Polish   2   3   4   ...   6   7
Polska A ['educated'] scoffs at Lech Kaczynski
How can I get a local US grocer or liquor store to carry Polish beer?
10 - try drinking something else fussy bstard...

USA, CanadaGrant0708doctorgrenades - 20 Apr 2010
Mourning in Poland - everything closed?
Standards of Living in Poland   2
Old Polish town names sounding like Task
Marciniak, Gelitzky, Wohlgemut, Bekier / Dziuba, Janczak SURNAMES.
Searching for Koczela from Temeszow
What do you think about the Gerlach company?
Dating a polish girl who left her husband
Experience with local charities in Poland?
11 - Thank you very much for answering!...

LanguageLeonisLeonis - 19 Apr 2010
Do most Polish women just want a friend or a bf?
Poland's 20th century and modern national heroes?
Polish qualifications, what are they worth ?   2   3   4   5
12 - Thx a lot:-))...

LanguageLeonisLeonis - 18 Apr 2010
Poland back to reality after Sunday ?
Poland President National Mourning in Some Countries   2   3   4   ...   7   8
Best way with car from Szczecin to Bielsko-Biala?
Closed: Polish workers humiliated at the Laurens Patisseries - protest   2
The sale and drinking of alcohol has been banned in Warsaw and Krakow on weekends!
30 - It's only 2 days. Who cares?...

NewsHarrySzwedwPolsce - 17 Apr 2010
Female health in Britain - Polish view   2   3   4