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Are Polish people required to have tourist visa for Thailand?

modafinil - | 418
8 Sep 2011 #31
How much are hookers in Cambodia,anybody knows?

About the same as the Polish one's in London - £20. Though everything else in London is dearer, so Cambodia is better value overall.
6 Oct 2011 #32
From 11 August 2011 (u can read on official site of Thai Embassy in Poland) Polish people don't need to have visa in advance for Thailand if they want to stay up to 30 days (then u would get 30 days on airport and 15 on the crossing border). So u shouldn't have a problem if u cross border (and!!! good thing: on airport u will get 30 days instead of 15 like it was before). Some people we met, didn't get visa on C/T border and they had to go back to Phnom Penh to make Thai visa there.

But I'm from Poland and I'm wondering how it is working, it's not really explained if we still have to pay (like we would do it in embassy) or it's for free like for other Europeanian citizens...

Cambodia is easier, but very often on the land border they expect u to pay even 10$ more than normally (of cos this 10$ go to their own pocket) (maybe it's not a problem for u then ok - but we travel 1 year so... it's waste of money). If u flight to Cambodia it shouldn't be more for visa (they don't cheat on airport). But if u cross border to C. by land like i said. There is possibility to make e-visa for Cambodia, but I didn't check it yet, we r still not sure if we need the e-visa or we just fly there... good luck

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