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Rogalin / Oaks
Josef Surowiec from Wojkon (can't find this town) and his ancestors
24 - Curious, ever heard of Gerveczena, Poland......

GenealogyDavidtszafron - 9 Feb 2008
How long a Pole can stay in the United States? I need clarity on immigration laws in the US and Poland
Abbreviations for days in Polish
Seeking information on family name Pastuszka
2 - 4500 people in Poland......

GenealogycatiepaulaGrzegorz_ - 26 Dec 2007
Fresh seafood in Gdansk
Researching a character of a young Polish woman for a movie in Glasgow
Waclawski's wanted!
About usage of the special Polish letters: ± ć ę ł ń ó ¶ ż Ľ
Ideas of messianism of Adam Mickiewicz - more info needed
Tulinski relations
Kolasa surname
Gaudzinski family, Polish Gadzinski surname
Hip Replacements in Poland
Jan Zawisza / Tyrakowski, Ciesla
opera theatres in Krakow
Maybe visiting Warsaw next summer - or to choose Bulgaria?
Ciechanow area - hotel or old castle for lodging?