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brother and sister relationships in Poland
The heroic jump of the 1st Polish Independent Paratrooper Brigade   2   3
i have a british learners licence valid for 10yrs can i apply 4 polish licence??
Is there any opportunity in Poland for CISCO certified person?
Argentinian wants to study in Poland. What's the best place?
Looking for Chrabaszewski Relatives in Poland
Polish blonde and a British pensioner. No fool like an old fool, or is it love.   2
Hi Guys Iam British And i am went out a polish girl twice
28 - Easy, just show her this thread! She'll be all yours!...

Lovemero1900krakowiak - 15 Apr 2010
Closed: Polish and Irish should love each other   2   3
Will my friend have to pay back half the loan his ex-wife took out in Poland?
22 - Yes + No = Crisis...

LawKarl1983richasis - 15 Apr 2010
Niewazny paszport i brak dowodu - czy przepuszcza mnie na lotnisku?
Will todays tragedy effect the economy of Poland?   2
American (former polish left when I was 2) seeling inheritance in Poland
ways to block someone on gadu gadu
20 - how do i join a chat room, please?...

Lifeblackpool_uklumondez - 14 Apr 2010
A few questions for regarding EU and Poland - worker registration
I'm interested in teaching in Poland and I need some help.
traditional breakfasts in Poland   2   3
New Polish president and Russian/American relations   2
37 - like throwing the pilot under the bus heh, sorry not funny....

NewsPolskiej_Dumyczar - 14 Apr 2010
No idea of grandparents history before they left Horyniec, Poland
3G availability with iPhone in Poland ?
Where is 'the first contact with the ground' of the Polish Airforce One
Oils and fats in Polish foods
The Glory of Poland, NYT 12th April 2010
13 - But life goes on. The irony of it all......

NewsTorqrichasis - 13 Apr 2010
Looking for my Polish family (Wieruszow area)
7 - Quels sont les surnoms? (What are the surnames?)...

GenealogyConty APolonius3 - 12 Apr 2010
Finding my Famliy, Kaliszewski
3 - KALISZEWSKI: possibly topo nick from the town fo Kalisz...

Genealogy2221mPolonius3 - 12 Apr 2010
Szydelko, Pater - Lost Relatives
Looking for Woleski or Wolenski
5 days in Poland
Nazywam się Jade i mieszkam w Anglii.   2