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A Girl Told Me You Have to Be Goodlooking to "sustain" in Poland.
UK might have anti-Polish socialist Prime Minister
Poland to penalise commie symbols
Can 'engaged' soon to marry Polish men say I love you to their female friend?   2   3
Leon Feldhendler: A hero murdered?   2
Time to move on... I'm coming back to Poland after 4 years in the UK   2
34 - Nice to see you back! Hope all is well at home.....

UK, IrelandNewbornTicAmathyst - 15 Jun 2010
U.S. Citizenship Thru Marriage?
MAKE TWARóG (Polish curd cheese) AT HOME
Kraków Mortgage in US dollars
Can't find on Ellis, not naturalized, never applied for SS, how can I trace him?
Polish Irish music bands
Travel and migration in late 19th - early 20th centuries
Met a Polish girl on the Internet, and I'm soon off to meet her...   2   3
82 - I am sure he is dead by now....

LoveliquidloveMiguel Colombia - 13 Jun 2010
Closed: Is there a Real Estate bubble in Krakow?   2
Closed: Majority of Poland's kids physically unfit, claims PPA.   2
Giving a present to Polish girl i like
Polish men's pride!
I am researching the way Design Techology Textiles is taught in Poland
Pawiak Museum in Warsaw
Nazwy mieszkanców - the names of a city/country residents in Polish
14 - kolanin, kolanka:

LanguageLeonisNomsense - 12 Jun 2010
Requirements for marriage in the US if not planning to stay
Old Polish Prayer Book-Chlib Duszi
Anyone from Sydney, Australia?   2
Any one know about WARSAW INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE & Is it good one ?
Playing football in Katowice
Travelling to Lodz - input needed
Why have they built another huge shopping centre in Lodz?
7 - are you sure it's still on?...

LawSteveramsfanjoannaa - 11 Jun 2010
Where do the polish men hang out in Glasgow?
Poland Should Beef Up Military   2   3   4   ...   8   9   10
Question about "Zezowate szczescie" (Bad Luck), a very famous Polish movie