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Conjugation of rąbać (to chop wood)

Mufasa 19 | 357
8 Oct 2011 #1
Please help with the conjugation of rąbać (to chop wood)?

As far as I know, and in general (because I know how many iregularnies there are, hence the question),

verbs ending in -ać are conjugated with -am, -asz, -a, etc,

so according to this rule, rąbać should become rąbam, rąbacz, rąba, rąbamy, etc.,

but it sounds really funny, so I just wanted to ask.
Vincent 9 | 875
8 Oct 2011 #2
verbs ending in -ać are conjugated with -am, -asz, -a, etc

I think it belongs to the -ę -esz -e -emy -ecie -ą conjugation, but wait until someone confirms this.
boletus 30 | 1,361
8 Oct 2011 #3
rąbam, rąbacz, rąba, rąbamy

Yes, this is funny. My Polish grammar is all gone now, but I will nevertheless give you the correct declension of the verb "rąbać".

rąbię, rąbiesz, rąbie, rąbiemy, rąbiecie, rąbią

Trąbić, however, does not follow exactly the same pattern:

trąbię, trąbisz, trąbi, trąbimy, trąbicie, trąbią

correct declension

Did I say declension? I did not mean it - conjugation of course. :-)
OP Mufasa 19 | 357
8 Oct 2011 #4
Thanks Vince and Mushroom. This morning when I woke up, I thought about the
-ę conjugation, and wondered, and now you've both confirmed it.
tomaszusa 2 | 2
11 Oct 2011 #5
Use this website, you can conjugate any verb and decline all adjectives and nouns.
OP Mufasa 19 | 357
23 Oct 2011 #6
Thanks Tomaszusa :)

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